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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Ometz A community of services for life
Annual Reports

This year’s annual report theme is inspired by a grant we received from Federation CJA Women’s Philanthropy, made possible through the proceeds of Mosaic cookbook sales and designated for our project entitled Recipes for Success. This initiative targets young women, ages 17 – 30, providing them with skills, training, connections and financial support in order to help them break the cycle of poverty. Many of these young women have been deprived of access to the right “ingredients” to create their own recipe for success.

Seven years ago, 3 agencies came together to create Ometz. We blended clients, staff, board members, volunteers, cultures, programs, and databases. We believed that by combining these 3 agencies we would serve our clients holistically with greater efficiency, effectiveness, respect and dignity. The blending together of 3 agencies was our recipe for success. Now, 7 years later,
how are we doing?

Today we respond to close to 13,000 service requests annually with a particular focus on children and youth at risk. While our day-to-day case response encompasses virtually every demographic within the Montreal Jewish Community, we know that early and quality intervention with young people will have the most significant and long lasting impact; not only on them but on our community at large. We have carried out a comprehensive agency-wide review of programs and services to determine what we do and how best to do it, in order to be as nimble, responsive, relevant and effective as possible. Our 15- member board is comprised of exceptionally talented individuals. Our staff members work together to provide seamless service with the support of more than 400 volunteers. We have built financial resource capacity and a strong administrative infrastructure that will help us secure our future. Most notably, we launched an annual fundraising event 4 years ago which today is one of the highlights of the spring community calendar raising more than $450,000.
And we have only just begun.

The number 7 in Judaism is the Divine number of completion. So does this mean that we have the perfect recipe? The answer of course is no.

Recipes and ingredients do change. Howard Berger served as our co-Executive Director alongside Gail Small for the past 7 years. Howard has just retired from Ometz, and Gail will be continuing in her new role as Chief Executive Officer. We want to thank Howard for all that he has done over the years for our community.

Is our task completed? Again, the answer is a resounding no.
We are, and always will be, a work in progress. Satisfaction and complacency are not ingredients in any recipe for success. Streamlining and consolidating services, introducing innovative responses, focusing on performance and impact measurement, implementing leadership development at all levels of our agency, and developing new partnerships, both for program delivery and for financial sustainability, are just some of our challenges.

To address these challenges we will rely on sound strategic planning, superior talent management, hard work and perseverance, and the commitment of our staff, board, volunteers, friends and funders. This is our recipe for success.

We look forward to the next 7 years with confidence.

Marc Welikovitch, President
Gail Small, Chief Executive Officer

Annual Reports

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