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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Ometz A community of services for life
Volunteer Opportunities
Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in giving back to the community? Ometz’s Volunteer Department offers a number of ways for you to get involved.

Volunteers are needed for a variety of programs, including working with children, adolescents, adults and/or families. Ometz is currently looking for volunteers for:

  • Mentorships – be an important role model for a young child or adolescent
  • Tutoring  – assist students aged 5 to 16 with their studies, work with groups of children in the classroom, or tutor adults learning a second language
  • Mental Health Connections  – spend quality time helping an adult with mental health challenges
  • Fiscal Fitness  – provide budget counselling to those experiencing financial distress
  • Parent Support  – offer guidance and support to families having difficulty managing
  • Teen Support  – moderate our anonymous, online teen help forum
  • Foodsmarts  – participate and assist in giving nutritional workshops
  • Health Advocacy Program - Are you interested in becoming an advocate for someone coping with an acute or chronic health challenge?
  • Distribution - help promote,distribute and spread the good word about various programs and services that Ometz offers.

Please complete the volunteer application form online  to find out more about how your particular interests and skills can help meet the needs of our clients.

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