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Interactive Family Play Therapy

Would you or your children or your family benefit from learning new strategies to communicate with each other? Our skilled and experienced therapists will meet with you and your children to help you build a positive family relationship. Using art and drama therapies, you will explore your family’s needs and learn to better understand each other.

Contact us for more information on our interactive family play services or to speak with a therapist.

About Interactive Family Play Therapy
What counselling is for adults, interactive play therapy is for children. Through our interactive family play therapy programs, our skilled and experienced child therapists will observe and interact with your child in a range of group activities and assess their needs.

The newly opened Ometz Family Counselling Centre includes a private waiting area, two play therapy rooms and counselling space, and is equipped with state of the art equipment. These new premises allow us to offer counselling services in a dignified and confidential manner.

By observing your child in a range of groups activities, our therapists can assess their:

  • Behavioural traits
  • Daily living and organizational skills
  • Motor skills and level of functioning
  • Perceptual skills
  • Social-emotional skills

Interactive family play therapy is a structured approach to therapy that builds upon your child’s normal communicative and learning processes. Interactive play therapy can be effective because play is a fun, enjoyable activity that expands self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualization and self-efficacy. It relieves feelings of stress and boredom, allowing children to boost their ego and connect to others in a positive way. Interactive play therapy also allows your child to practice skills and roles needed for everyday life.

For more information on our interactive family play services and how your child might benefit from them, please contact us.

This program is made possible through the generous support of the Donald Berman Foundation.

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