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Parlour Group Program

Children pose many challenges as well as rewards for their parents. If you are having difficulty helping your child cope with some facet of growing up, you are not alone. Ometz regularly holds workshops and group sessions for parents who are looking for someone with whom to talk and relate.

Contact us  for more information on our groups and workshops for parents, or read more about them by clicking on the links below:

Preschool Parent Groups
Are you the parent of a preschool age child? Are you interested in learning more about their development and needs? Are you struggling with decisions about their education, development, and health? Would discussions with other parents help? Our preschool parlour groups and workshops may be what you’re looking for.

Ometz runs groups and workshops for parents of preschool-aged children. You will meet other parents with children the same age as yours, share your experiences, and learn from each other. Contact us today to join.

Elementary Parent Groups
Do you have children in elementary school? Are you interested in the latest research about their growth and development? Are you facing difficult decisions or challenges? Ometz elementary school parlour groups might be right for you: a place where parents can share experiences and learn from one another with the help of a trained facilitator.Contact us today to join.

High School Parent Groups
Are your children in high school? Are they dealing with issues that you don’t remember having at their age?  Do you feel that the world they’re growing up in is new and unfamiliar? Ometz hosts a number of parlour groups and workshops for parents of teenagers to help you successfully raise a young adult in today’s world.

Through our workshops and support groups, you will have a chance to meet other parents in similar situations, share experiences and learn from one another and from our trained facilitators. From preparing your children for the world that awaits them to helping them make better decisions as they grow up, Ometz can help you better understand your teen and provide the guidance they need. Contact us today to join.

Groups for Special Needs
Are you a parent of a child with special needs? Do you feel that no one understands what you are going through or that no one is dealing with the same challenges? Ometz has a group for you which focuses on the unique needs and issues of parents who have children with special needs, such as autism, developmental delays etc.  Our group gives parents the opportunity to share experiences and learn strategies and coping skills from one another with the expertise of an Ometz professional. Contact us today to join!
Divorce Recovery Group
Are you divorced or separated? Are you having trouble dealing with loss, loneliness and anger? Are co-parenting issues a big challenge? Ometz divorce recovery groups can help you with accepting your new reality,  managing changes in relationships, rituals and routines, and regaining hope. Contact us today to join.



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