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Kids Can!
Kids Can! is a Health Canada funded program for all grade 6 students. The program is a preventative effort that is geared towards informing youth about drugs, the risks that accompany drug use, and how they can resist pressure and engage in healthy decision-making and behaviours.
The Kids Can! program was designed as a response to the alarming rates of drug abuse amongst Quebec’s youth. Research suggests that children are being exposed to and experimenting with drugs at an earlier age, and a variety of literature demonstrates the importance of early intervention and preventative efforts in reducing adolescent substance abuse.

Students are encouraged to role-play responses to peer pressure, to understand media messages, and to integrate the information they need about drug use in order to make wise personal decisions. For more information on the Kids Can! program, please contact us .


EMSB launching course to keep kids away from drugs from EMSBTV on Vimeo.

Kids Can at Dante Elementary School, St. Leonard

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