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Maximize Youth Potential

Maximize Youth Potential (MYP) is a program that focuses on engaging and supporting adolescents and young adults in their academic success. These young people are from families living in poverty, dealing with abuse, coping with mental illness and other challenges.

Contact us  to find out more about how the MYP program works and who is eligible.

MYP Program

The primary objective of this program is to break the cycle of poverty by encouraging, supporting and working with adolescents and young adults from high-risk families, to ensure that they complete high school and enter post-secondary studies. MYP social workers develop a tailor-made plan for each student that includes diverse supports, such as:

  • Academic supports – after-school tutorial/homework program on-site and off-site by trained teachers and university students, to help with study techniques needed to succeed academically
  • Budgeting skills and lifestyle workshops – future success relies on their developing concrete life skills in addition to academics; workshops are a way for youth to connect with their peers in a healthy productive manner
  • Career counselling – to help participants identify their strengths and motivate them to achieve
  • Mentors – where appropriate, participants can be matched with mentors who can serve as role models and motivators for academic and life pursuits
  • Supportive counselling – to discuss and facilitate work on personal life issues, goals and barriers
  • Therapeutic counselling –professional therapists work on the individual counselling needs of participants

Clients’ responsibilities are also defined and can include specific markers such as regular school attendance, passing a course, or achieving a certain grade. Upon reaching a marker, participants receive incentives ranging from access to recreational activities to deposits in their Educational Savings Plans for use towards future university studies.

MYP Eligibility Criteria
MYP participants come from high-risk families faced with multiple challenges, including poverty, mental illness, single parenthood, neglect and abuse. A large percentage of them are also immigrant families. The children and young adults targeted by this program have already started exhibiting behavioural and academic problems, or are at high risk of developing them.

Many children and young adults qualify for the MYP program. Some of the key eligibility criteria include:

  • Youth aged 12–22 from low income families (priority to existing agency clients)
  • Young adults18–22 year olds living independently
  • Low and high achievers
  • Adolescents identified by schools/social workers as being at risk of dropping out
  • Low parental capacity to support/assist with studies
  • Children who are known to Youth Protection Services

For more information on the MYP program, please contact us.

Junior MYP Program
Junior Maximize Youth Potential (Junior MYP) is an after-school program designed to help young children to obtain the skills they need to succeed academically and socially.

Activities focus on engaging and supporting children aged 8-11, whose parents are clients of Ometz. Activities include homework assistance, creative arts and sports activities along with a shared meal.

This program enables participants to interact with positive role models and to tap into their creative energy. They acquire important social skills that help them gain a new sense of confidence and ultimately promote their short and long-term academic success.

Contact us to find out more about the Junior MYP program and eligibility criteria.

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