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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Young Adults

Immigration & Integration Services for Young Adults
Ometz offers a variety of services and programs specifically to help young adults who want to immigrate to Canada or who have recently arrived. From developing new skills and finding work to integrating into the Montreal community, Ometz can help you settle and succeed in Montreal.

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Employment Services

Through our employment services , Ometz can help you find a job or start a new career in Montreal. From career counselling to networking events, Ometz can help young workers develop the skills and contacts they need to succeed in Montreal.

Training & Skills Development
Through our training courses and workshops, young new arrivals to Montreal can obtain and develop the skills they need to find a new job or advance in their career. Ometz offers training in:

  • Computers skills: update basic computer skills or learn computer accounting
  • Employment skills: we offer a variety of courses in everything from CV writing and interview skills to personal branding and job networking
  • Language skills: learn or improve your French and/or English skills

Click here  to see our complete listing of courses and workshops.

Foreign Students
Are you currently studying in Montreal and want to change your status or renew your visa? Ometz can help you.

Our immigration counsellors can assist with:

  • Renewal of your student visa and/or completing various immigration documents
  • Connecting you to a variety of social, recreational, and integration and settlement activities via our young adult programs (such as through our Ometz Young Adults Facebook group)
  • Providing extensive guidance during the entire course of the permanent residence / immigration process
  • Offering referrals to various Jewish and student organizations in Montreal

Orientation & Integration Services
At Ometz, we help new arrivals get oriented and integrate into the community. Through a variety of integration services and programs, our highly trained team of settlement counsellors can assist you with your immediate concrete needs – from employment training and services to social services.

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