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Why Immigrate to Montreal

Montreal is a beautiful and diverse world-class city, renowned for its international flair and joie de vivre. It has a first-class education system, a universal public health care system and a diverse economy, making it an excellent place to live and raise a family.

Reasons to Live in Montreal
There are so many reasons to choose Montreal. But here are the top 5 to consider:

1. Universal Health Care
Health care is universal and free of charge, and the Quebec government subsidizes the cost of prescription medication for seniors and lower-income Quebecers. Essential medical care, hospitalization and prevention services are offered through a network of nearly 600 public and private establishments and several hundred medical clinics.

2. Employment Opportunities
As Canada’s second-largest metropolitan area, Montreal is one of North America’s important economic hubs. Indeed, it is a leader in the IT and high-tech industries in North America:

  • The information technology sector employs more than 110,000 people.
  • More than 40 percent of Canada’s pharmaceutical industry is centered in the Montreal region, including a burgeoning biotechnology sector.
  • With anchors such as Bombardier and CAE Electronics, Montreal is North America’s leading aviation and aerospace centre.

Many other multinational companies also operate in Montreal because they can benefit from a highly-skilled, highly-educated workforce that is able to function fluently in two of the world’s major languages.

3. Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

In spite of its status as a world-class city, Montreal features one of the lowest costs of living among major industrialized countries. Housing, food and clothing all cost considerably less than in many similar-sized cities in North America and Europe.

To find out more about the cost of living in Montreal, click here.

4. First-Class Education System
The province of Quebec’s education system features a modern curriculum and an advanced pedagogical method, making it one of the best educational networks in the industrialized world.

Daycare: Quebec is also one of the only jurisdictions in North America which offers heavily subsidized daycare and early childhood centres. This means that children under the age of 5 benefit from top-quality pre-school programs that concentrate on developing reading and writing skills.

Jewish School Network: Montreal boasts one of the most extensive Jewish day school networks in North America. All of the primary and secondary schools in the network offer trilingual instruction (French, English and Hebrew), along with a curriculum that places a strong emphasis on Jewish learning and culture. The province of Quebec is one of the only jurisdictions in North America that offers substantial subsidies to its Jewish day schools, and the Jewish community offers additional financial help.

University & College: At the post-secondary level, the Montreal region boasts several junior colleges (known as CEGEPs), as well as four world-class universities. University tuitions are the lowest in North America and are among the lowest in the industrialized world. Graduates of the Quebec school system are also equipped to travel around the world in search of specialized educational programs.

5. Culture & Recreation

Montreal is often described as one of North America’s cultural centres. It’s the North American city that most resembles Europe for its international flair and joie de vivre. In November 2011, Montreal was highlighted as an “Intercultural City” by the Council of Europe, making it the second North American city, after Mexico City, to be recognized for its intercultural approach to integration in communities with culturally diverse populations. Home to more than 100 ethnic and cultural communities, the city features a fascinating array of international cuisine to meet all budgets.

Montreal also has abundant parks and playgrounds, and a wealth of sporting and recreational activities to choose from. During the winter, the city is only an hour’s drive to some of North America’s top ski resorts. As a leading tourist attraction, Montreal features 400 years of history, an international convention centre, casino, and exceptional shopping and nightlife.

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