Services for Schools

The Ometz School Services Department is committed to enriching and improving the quality of school, family and community life. We offer specialized services to over 100 public and private preschools, elementary and high schools throughout Montreal.

Professional Development for Pre-Schools

We are committed to enriching and improving all aspects of a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development.
By offering professional development from Ometz for your pre-school educators and directors, you can enhance the expertise of your educators. 

Services for Pre-Schools

Ometz offers pre-schools and day cares specialized services with an emphasis on school readiness and early intervention to help bring out the very best in young children. We are committed to enriching and improving all aspects of a child’s emotional, social and academic development through services to private and public pre-schools in the Montreal region.

Psychosocial Groups for your Students

Elementary School Programs:
Students will learn the concept of “relational aggression” and its effects on healthy, inclusive friendships. Using role plays, videos and real-life stories, children will become more sensitive to the power of words and body language in hurting others. Students will then focus on “win-win” solutions and the importance of good communication skills.

High School Programs:

This program covers common concerns such as developing new relationships with peers and teachers, navigating an ever-changing schedule, study and organizational skills, dealing with less guidelines and guidance concerning homework and projects, managing stress and being exposed to risky behaviours.

Presentations and Workshops for Educators and Parents

Effective parents share many common skills and strengths. In this workshop, participants will learn parenting strategies that work, based on current research on healthy child development and academic success. Risk and protective factors for children and youth will be discussed. This workshop may be tailored for either parents of early childhood programs or elementary grades.

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