Dr. Mitch Shiller Tribute Fund

During my tenure as President of JFS and Ometz, I was constantly impressed by the outstanding quality and diversity of the services targeted at the youth of our community.
And as a pediatrician, I care deeply about the health and welfare of our children.

The programs below are ones that I feel have a direct and significant impact on the most vulnerable clients at Ometz.

Innovative programs proven to help youth achieve their potential:

  • Maximize Youth Potential (M.Y.P): This program focuses on engaging and supporting adolescents and young adults in their academic success. These young people are from families living in poverty, dealing with abuse, coping with mental illness and other challenges.
  • The Donald Berman Interactive Family Play Therapy Program: This is a creative treatment method which uses play, drama and art as therapy for children and their families undergoing stress related to divorce, illness, loss and behavioural issues.
  • GAP Fund: This fund is used for early detection and intervention for children from financially vulnerable families who have academic or behavioural problems to help them reach their full potential.
  • Afterschool Program: A program for elementary students from high-risk families that provides homework support, extracurricular activities, and hot meals.

What our youth have to say:
“Since meeting with my counsellor, my life has changed direction in a very good way. With Ometz, I was finally able to start the education I always wanted. I enrolled in school programs, tutoring programs, workshops and financial help. More than that, Ometz showed me that I am not alone. I can come with concerns. I can come for advice. I can be heard, cared for and appreciated. Here I feel at home.”

Youth in our community need your help
I am extremely grateful that you are helping me support them.

Thank you for helping them move forward

Dr Mitchell Shiller

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Dr. Mitch Shiller Tribute Fund
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