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Small Steps Camp Program

Small Steps: An Ometz Occupational and Speech Therapy Camp Program

The Small Steps program runs from July 4th to August 11th, 2017 | 9am - 4pm (4 weeks minimum)
The deadline to submit your application is June 9th, 2017. 

Ometz has partnered with YCC day camp and McGill University to offer Small Steps, a unique program that brings together specialized services and a whole camp experience.
We provide occupational and speech therapy services for children between the ages of 4-10 years old. As part of their camp experience, children who experience mild to moderate developmental delays have access to therapeutic supports designed to blend with fun filled summer activities such as: arts and crafts, land sports, exciting field trips and BBQ’s.
Over a 6 week period, the Ometz team of  OTs and SLPs and McGill Master’s students work in close collaboration with YCC day camp staff. The goal of Small Steps is to help children build confidence in communication, foster peer relationships and enhance social skills in a happy and supportive atmosphere.
This program benefits children who have:

  1. Difficulties with transition skills; sitting still; tying shoelaces; writing the alphabet; playing well with peers
  2. Mild to moderate delays in speech and language; gross and fine motor delays
  3. Social Communication Disorder in the absence of Autism
  4. Apraxia of speech

Prior to filling out the application forms below, please make sure that you have all the relevant information regarding current evaluations, medical information and consents to complete the intake process. After your child has been accepted to Small Steps, you will still have to register with YCC day camp.



Small Steps Application
Person Completing Form
First name
Last name
Relationship with the child
Child's Information
First name
Last name
Date of birth
/ /
Postal Code/Zip
Name of School
Where did you hear about this program?
Is your child a returning camper?
Primary language spoken at home
Language in school
Parent's Information
Legal guardian:
Cell phone
Emergency contact:
Phone for emergency contact
Preferred email for correspondence:
Child's Medical Record
Medicare card number
Primary emergency cell phone:
Second emergency cell phone:
Third emergency cell phone:
Has your child been given a diagnosis?
School Cycle, Level and Supports (resources)
Does your child receive any special support or therapy services?
To complete the application process, please attach your child’s most current evaluation.
Upload file should be in one of the following formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, DOC, DOCX
The file should not exceed 6MB
Does your child have any significant medical needs?
Medical History
(surgeries, serious injuries, illnesses, vaccinations)
Other relevant information
If possible, my preferred medical services are:
Hospital or doctor (include name and address).
I read and accept the terms of the Parent Consent Form
I have read and accept the terms of the Parent Consent Form for Visual Images.
Ometz professionals have my permission to contact the school personnel; psychologist, occupational therapist or speech pathologist to provide us with additional information pertaining to my child`s application dossier.

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