Co-Parenting Workshop Series

Helping you work towards a positive single-parent household

Prior to addressing the strategies that promote positive parenting during times of separation and divorce, this workshop will set the framework for doing co-parenting by:

The goal of this workshop is to effectively move towards co-parenting in a healthy adaptive manner, while taking into consideration the children and their needs.


Ometz Co-Parenting can help meet your needs

There will be separate groups for males and females. The maximum number of participants in each group will be 8 participants. There will be some flexibility with the hours as we will be offering a daytime group as well as an evening group. This will be determined based on participant preference.

The cost of the group is $200.00 per person for the 10 hour workshop, which will run over the course of 5 weeks.

Opportunities are available to participants to receive more individually focused family therapy if ready.

A letter of attendance to this workshop will be provided by Ometz.


For more information about our co-parenting workshop series, contact:
Felicia Kaufman at 514-342-0000, ext. 3444, [email protected]


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