Interactive Family Play Therapy


Communicate better with your child through art and drama

Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy for children, who can creatively express their stories, feelings and problems through dolls, puppets, toys and art.

The Donald Berman Interactive Family Play Therapy Program is a space for families to explore
creative and practical problem-solving strategies that will help children build confidence and independence.

Your child will have fun while gaining skills and confidence

Play is an enjoyable activity that lets children express themselves, achieve success and gain confidence.

This approach relieves feelings of stress and boredom so that children can connect with others in a positive way as they practice skills and roles for everyday life.

Our experienced child therapists will observe and interact with your child in a range of group activities to assess their:

Your child will benefit from new ways of sharing their feelings, and you will learn new ways to effectively communicate with your child.

This program is made possible from the generous support of the Donald Berman Foundation.

What our clients say:
“Ometz helped me listen to what my child was saying, as opposed to me just telling him what to do. I am so thankful for this process and would recommend it to other parents going through a similar situation with their child.

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