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From anxiety to bullying to Internet safety, raising children in today’s world is full of challenges – but you don’t have to face them alone! Ometz parenting groups provide a safe, informal, confidential space for you to share and explore various parenting issues and coping strategies, helping to bring out the best in your child and yourself.

Our parenting groups—organized by age and/or topic—focus on awareness and prevention, helping you navigate difficult topics, gain confidence in your decisions and approach, and support your child(ren) through every stage.

Groups are held in-person on a monthly basis. Whenever necessary, due to public health guidelines, meetings will be held virtually, instead

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Here’s what parents are saying:

I joined a group mostly to learn about issues and concerns in my daughter’s class. Her school did not offer many ways to be involved in school life, so the group became my window into her peer group and gave me a sense of community. Twelve years later, I still learn from the group and look forward to our meetings.


I have learned so many valuable lessons from my parenting group. Our leader always demonstrates such a wonderful ability to take one person’s story and make it relevant for everyone. I love hearing about other parents’ experiences and reflecting on how I can share my own to possibly help them in their daily lives.


We are in the second year of our parenting group and absolutely love it! From our first session, it was clear that the goal was for a group of parents to share learnings, resources and challenges in a judgment-free environment. We found it so useful to have this monthly touch point as a couple to recap some of our parenting priorities and challenges. As a great bonus, our super-mom leader had so much experience to share with us and was so good at asking pertinent questions to bring up the relevant discussion points.

–Eddy & Sally

As parents of two active young boys, we were looking for guidance, support, comfort, shared experience and a commitment that was not too invasive with our busy schedules. Our group leader is exceptional, knowledgeable, devoted and truly amazing. We can only say positive things about our experience so far and wish to highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better parent.


What’s on your mind? Let us know what kind of a group you would be interested in joining and Ometz will help organize it!

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Ometz also runs school workshops for preschool, elementary and high school students, as well as teachers, school personnel and parents. Click here to learn more.