Parenting Groups and Workshops

Be the best parent you can be

Children pose many challenges as well as rewards for their parents. If you are having difficulty helping your child cope with some facet of growing up, you are not alone.

If you are interested in parenting strategies and practices, Ometz can help you connect with like-minded parents who want the best advice about on how to raise their children. 

Ometz Parenting Groups and Workshops provide a safe and confidential space for you to share and explore various parenting strategies that will help you to be the best parent possible.

Parenting Groups and Workshops help you with common parenting questions:

Awareness and prevention

The goal of Ometz Parenting Groups and Workshops is to help you develop a positive approach to enhance your role as a parent and bring out the best in you and your children.

You can focus on awareness and prevention before problems start and learn about developmental milestones so that you are prepared to support your child through these stages.
Age ranges, topics and customized parlour groups

Our parlour groups are formed around parents with children of similar ages.

We can also customize parent groups or child peer groups that address specific needs or topics.

For example, a group could be created for teenagers dealing with anxiety (or for parents dealing with this issue in their children) or for children who need to develop their social skills.

Contact us with your idea: if we have enough demand, we can start a group to meet your needs.

What our clients say:

A survey of group participants showed that:

“I joined a group mostly to learn about issues and concerns in my daughter’s class. Her school did not offer many ways to be involved in school life, so the group became my window into her peer group and gave me a sense of community. Twelve years later, I still learn from the group and look forward to our meetings.”

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For more information about Parenting Groups and Workshops, to register or submit an idea for a group, Contact Us

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