Counselling for Youth and Adolescents

Helping our youth cope and build confidence

Adolescence and young adulthood are difficult stages to navigate alone.

Bullying, conflict, divorce, drug use and peer pressure are just some of the issues that youth face today.

Counselling for Youth and Adolescents provides a safe environment where children can express themselves and work through their feelings and emotions. Ometz therapists are here to help.

Ometz counsellors apply age-appropriate coping tools and strategies to help youth and adolescents understand and explore their feelings.

Interactive Family Play Therapy:
This type of therapy lets families explore problems through play and artistic expression. Download the brochure here.

Services for children (ages 5 to 13):

Services for youth (ages 14 to 22 and above):

What our clients say:
“We received guidance, support, and recognition as the therapist witnessed actual interactions between us and our son. They allowed us to practice and experience positive change, and develop skills that we then transferred to our everyday lives. Our feelings of guilt and helplessness began to lift. We began to listen to each other more closely. As parents we love our kids and want what is best for them. Ometz helped us find our strength again that somehow got lost in the divorce. We are beginning to hope and see a clear picture ahead.”

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