Frequently Asked Questions for Ometz’s Employment team

“What can Ometz employment specialists offer me?”

“Do you offer any training?”

Online workshops are offered on Interview Prep, Accessing the Hidden Job Market, Networking, Personal Branding, Job Search Clarity, CV Writing and more.

“Who are your clients?”

We work with clients of any age or background with any level of work experience. They can be recent graduates, degreed professionals, mature workers, in any field.

“Do I have to be bilingual to find a job in Montreal?”

Not for all jobs, but being bilingual in English and French certainly makes it easier to find work in Montreal. There are, however, many factors that contribute to a successful job search including work history, background, skills, motivation and soft skills–to name a few. We can help you navigate your specific search.

“I haven't had a formal job interview in a long time. Can you help me prepare?”

Yes. We will help you strengthen all parts of the interview process and will even carry out mock interviews to ensure that you feel confident going into any kind of meeting – in person or virtually.

“How important is using LinkedIn and social media in my job search?”

LinkedIn can be an extremely useful platform for job seekers to find employment opportunities, learn about employers, network and connect with people working in companies that interest you. As well, many recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find job candidates. In addition to our online webinars, we offer virtual one-on-one LinkedIn sessions to improve your profile.

“How important is a good CV in the job search process?“

Very, which is why our Employment Specialists review your CV and offer you advice on how to improve it. We also have a webinar, PowerPoint presentation and an eManual located in our website library for you as resources . We will teach you how to best adapt your CV for each posting to give you a competitive edge. We can also help you create a cover letter if required.

“What types of jobs are on the Ometz Job Board?”

Jobs vary from entry level to senior and executive level positions, from warehouse, retail to professional. The Job Board is updated daily.

“Do I have to tell my new employer about a disability or diagnosis ?”

You are not obliged to divulge that information as long as it does not impact on the job. While there are benefits to disclosing - your employer may then put helpful accommodations in place to ensure you can do your job more comfortably -it is entirely up to you. Your employment worker can help you make an informed decision on whether and what to disclose.