We’re open for business!! Ometz has launched l’Annexe, our Young Adult Centre.

L'Annexe: The Ometz Centre for Young Adults in Montreal is your place to learn, grow, and thrive!



Our Groups

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Mondays | 4:00pm – 5:00pm  
Join us for these fun game sessions! This is an informal, drop in activity for young adults. The goal of the group is to come out and meet members of the community and play games with us on Zoom or Houseparty. Folks can just participate or lead a game themselves! Games we have played include Trivia, Pictionary, Among Us, Heads Up, Scattegories and Family Feud. All you need is a wifi connection and a phone or laptop/tablet.
Bring a friend, partner, sibling, etc. (just give us a heads up!) , or come out and meet new people!


Mondays | 1:30pm – 3:30pm  
Join this group for some structure and time during which we can work towards our individual goals in a collective space. Bring whatever goals you want to work on, this group is not limited to students.


Tuesdays | 1:00pm – 2:00pm 
An art hive group where folks come together to socialize and get creative. There is the option of following along a guided activity, or bringing your own project to work on in company. Folks are welcome to just come check it out, and hang out with other young adults.
You do not have to be a fabulous artist, in fact we encourage folks with no art experience at all to join us! It’s just for fun!
Every week the facilitator or a participant will lead a fun creative activity such as making DIY craft items, or painting and drawing, or writing poems and stories, or decorating household objects. The possibilities are endless and participants decide what they want to learn!


Wednesdays | 3:00pm – 4:00pm 
This weekly meet up is dedicated to developing tools to calm our mind and strengthen our spirits by using mindfulness and generative somatic practices.This mindfulness and movement-based group is for managing stress, anxiety, and social isolation. In this group, participants can learn techniques to mitigate stress, such as deep breathing and gentle stretching. Through awareness of the emotions and compassion for the body, folks can learn to build a mindfulness practice. This moment of grounding and self-care is important for regulating our emotions and feeling well.
You are by no means expected to be an expert in meditation. You are only expected to show up for yourself and know that this group is FAIL-PROOF. Folks do not need experience in meditation or movement. This is a judgment-free space and all the activities are fail-proof and modifiable for any comfort level. All you need is a paper, pen and a comfy private space to stretch. Pour yourself a cup of tea or cool glass of water, and settle in with us!
Please prepare by finding a private and comfy space to be, with no distractions, and a cup of tea or cool glass of water. Bring a pad of paper and pen, and your pets if you have them! Keep your humans off-screen and off-mic to protect confidentiality and avoid distractions.


COMING SOON: Dungeons & Dragons !

Our Events

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Young Adult Drop In

Looking for help finding the right career path, applying to a particular program or landing your dream job? Let’s talk, Zoom, text or FaceTime!
Individual 20-minute bookings are available.




  • Employment Support
  • Supportive Counselling
  • Life-Skills Workshops
  • Alternative Therapies
  • Social Activities
  • Special Events
  • Leadership/Volunteer Opportunities
  • ... and more!


L’Annexe is where you can share your story, discover what you need to thrive, find support when you need it, and ultimately, get the tools you need to be your best self!




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L’Annexe Summer Intern Application
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This internship will be 10 hours per week from the end of June through the end of August. The exact schedule during the week will be determined once interns are selected.
Are you able to commit to this time period?
What other commitments, responsibilities will you have this summer? (for example, will you be attending school; do you have another job or family responsibilities that impact your schedule; do you have any days where you will be out of town?).
Would you be able to travel to L’Annexe once a week, if provided a bus pass?
Tell us about yourself!
What interests you about this internship opportunity? What are your reasons for applying?
What personality traits, skills, interests, or strengths would you bring to the L’Annexe team?
What does leadership mean to you? What kind of leader do you want to be?
How do you think L’Annexe could involve young adults more in our programs and services?
What skills do you want to learn or further develop? What would you like to gain more practice doing through this internship?
What questions do you have for us? What do you want to know about this internship?