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Mentoring an individual to help them pass the GED test opens up a world of opportunities.

Why volunteer as a GED Program Mentor?

GED program mentors can help students over 16 years old every step of the way to achieve their high school equivalency.



  • GED program mentors help students over 16 prepare to write the high school equivalency test through one-on-one coaching in specific subjects
  • Mentors should be comfortable tutoring or coaching in at least one of the five subjects covered in the GED test: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing


Become a GED program mentor

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About Ometz

About Ometz

For over 160 years, Ometz has been serving the needs of the Jewish community of Montreal. Beginning as three separate agencies, Jewish Employment Montreal (JEM), Jewish Family Services (JFS) and Jewish Immigration Aid Services (JIAS) joined together in 2008 to form the organization that we now know as Ometz. Ometz is the Hebrew word for courage and is a reflection of the courage of those who seek our support in transforming their lives.

Today, reaching more than 12,000 people annually, we provide intervention, prevention, support services and programs to enhance our clients’ quality of life. Our mission is to deliver accessible, confidential, personalized and culturally sensitive services based on Jewish values. Our staff members are responsive, compassionate, engaged, inspiring—and sensitive to the cultural and language needs of our diverse community.