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Mentoring an individual to help them pass the GED test opens up a world of opportunities.

Why volunteer as a GED Program Mentor?

GED program mentors can help students over 16 years old every step of the way to achieve their high school equivalency.



  • GED program mentors help students over 16 prepare to write the high school equivalency test through one-on-one coaching in specific subjects
  • Mentors should be comfortable tutoring or coaching in at least one of the five subjects covered in the GED test: Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing


Become a GED program mentor

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About Ometz

About Ometz

Ometz is a charitable organization that supports and strengthens individuals and families by offering a range of employment, immigration, school and social services.

We are a single point of entry to efficient, effective and connected services and our clients are better equipped to cope with life’s challenges because we work together as a community.

Ometz is the Hebrew word for courage and it is a reflection of the courage of those who seek our support.