Make an impact on your community 

Volunteers are a vital part of Ometz services, and we have many options for members of the community to volunteer or act as a mentor and make a positive impact on someone’s life.

Join our mission to help individuals and families find the courage to move forward.
To qualify as a volunteer, you need:

  • Effective communication skills
  • A sensitivity to people from all backgrounds
  • An ability to respect confidentiality 
Volunteer Opportunities

Mentoring youth:

Be a role model and empower a young person to make positive life decisions by developing a meaningful relationship and offering simple support and guidance.

Time commitment: Two hours bi-weekly at a convenient time for you and the mentee.

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Taylor Adolescent Program:

Work one-on-one to help a high school student with moderate to severe learning difficulties become more independent in their studies. You will receive specialized training prior to the program along with ongoing weekly supervision.

Time commitment: From September to June, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. The application period ends mid-September.

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Junior MYP:

Provide social, emotional and learning support to vulnerable elementary students. No prior experience necessary.

Time commitment: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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One-on-one academic mentorship:

For CEGEP and university students. As an academic mentor, you will learn and implement effective ways to help students progress in school. No prior experience is necessary, and training and supervision is provided. All academic subjects welcome.

Time commitment:  Minimum of one hour a week for the academic year. Academic mentors and students agree upon a convenient time and place.

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Early Childhood Reading and Play Program:

Act as a parental role model while using reading, games and art to help young mothers engage with their children aged 5 and under. You will receive training before you start.

Time commitment: Minimum of one hour per week, and the times are arranged between the volunteer and parent.

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Fiscal Fitness Coaching:

Provide one-on-one coaching to people in a vulnerable financial situation. Help them budget, effectively manage their money and reduce their debt. You will receive training and materials before starting.

Time commitment: One hour per week.

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Budget Workshops for Groups:

Lead group workshops for people in a vulnerable financial situation. You will educate people about how to manage money on a low income, maintain their credit score, stretch their dollars and avoid scams. You need to be outgoing and comfortable speaking in front of groups. Ometz will provide the workshop content, materials and training.

Time commitment: Minimum of two hours for each part of the two-part workshop. Dates and location will vary.

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Community Volunteer Income Tax Program:

Complete and efile the tax returns for vulnerable clients. The Canada Revenue Agency provides the required training and reference materials, and all returns are done at the Ometz office.

Time commitment:  Flexible and during tax season only.

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Mental Health Support:

Support adults living with mental illness or special needs to help reduce their isolation, develop their independence, and improve their overall quality of life. You can help through one-on-one meetings or at cooking workshops, outings or events.

Time commitment: A minimum of two hours every two weeks.

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