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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Ometz A community of services for life
About Us

Founded in 1863, Ometz is a charitable organization, community-based human services agency that supports and strengthens individuals and families by offering employment, immigration, school and social services in Montreal. Ometz was created in April 2008 from the merger of Jewish Employment Montreal (JEM), Jewish Family Services (JFS) and Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS). By offering a single point of entry, Ometz provides more efficient, more effective and better integrated services to the community. Newcomers who need support in navigating the immigration process, families struggling to make ends meet, adults living with mental illness, children coping with family breakdown, and individuals in search of career assistance can all turn to Ometz for support. Calling 514.342.0000 or emailing leads directly to help.

  The Ometz team includes:

  • Clinical social workers
  • Employment counsellors
  • School counsellors
  • Immigration counsellors
  • Mental health professionals
  • Occupational and speech therapists
  • Psychologists

Ometz professionals are sensitive to the cultural and language needs of our community, and provide the highest quality of support with a focus on enhancing personal and family health and growth. More than 300 dedicated volunteers also reinforce the work of the agency's staff.

Ometz is the Hebrew word for courage and it is a reflection of our most fervent wish for the individuals and families who seek our support – that they will find the courage to move forward with life’s challenges.  

Our Mission
Ometz is a human services agency, offering employment, immigration, school and social services to help people fulfill their potential, and to secure the growth and vitality of the Montreal community.

Our Promise
Ometz will deliver accessible, integrated, confidential, personalized, and culturally-sensitive human services, founded on Jewish values. Our staff will be responsive, compassionate, engaged, innovative and inspiring.

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