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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Ometz A community of services for life
Code of Practice
Ometz Code of Practice

Ometz responsibilities and commitment to its clients

Ometz stands for excellence of service and, to that end, all clients can expect:

A commitment of confidentiality. Personal information will not be divulged to any person outside Ometz without the client’s knowledge and permission, unless so required by law. 

That services will be provided, in a timely fashion, by professionals who respect and uphold the norms and standards of their professions and of the organization

  • That Ometz staff will respect the client’s dignity and autonomy.
  • That Ometz staff will respect the client’s personal values, culture, beliefs and religious convictions.
  • That Ometz staff will not engage in any verbal, physical, sexual or psychological harassment.
  • That Ometz staff will avoid any situation where there might appear to be a conflict of interest.
  • That Ometz staff will not accept monetary or gift rewards for services rendered. 
  • To have the right to be accompanied by a person of the client’s choice when receiving services.
  • To be advised of the decision-making process related to the service plan. 
  • To be able to have access to their file or the file of their child of minor age, upon request, under the established legal parameters.
  • To be able to file a complaint.
  • That a team approach may be used whereby several Ometz staff members will work together to provide assistance, each having access, when necessary, to the client’s file.
  • That every effort will be made to provide clients with services in the language of their choice, taking into account the available resources at Ometz.

Client responsibilities and commitment to Ometz

To receive the best possible services, Ometz expects that clients:

  • Be respectful, courteous and forthcoming with all pertinent information.
  • Inform Ometz staff of any special circumstances to be considered when providing services.
  • Be actively involved in their service plan. 
  • Respect appointments made, and if unable to attend, advise in advance the person or people with whom they are meeting.
  • Interact with professionals without expressing any discrimination or prejudice.
  • Not engage in any verbal, physical, sexual or psychological harassment of Ometz staff.

Authorized by: AGENCE OMETZ Board
Date:  June 5, 2008

If you wish to access your file, or if you wish to file a complaint, please address your request in writing to:
Executive Director
1 Cummings Square, suite 300
Montreal, Quebec H3W 1M6

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