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Ometz is a Jewish response to employment,
immigration, school & social services in Montreal

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Ometz A community of services for life
Code of Practice

Ometz Code of Practice

Our commitment to you:

  • To respect your confidentiality. Personal information will not be divulged to any person outside Ometz without your knowledge and permission, unless so required by law.
  • To provide a team approach.  Ometz staff members will work together to provide assistance, each having access to your file, on a need-to-know basis.
  • To ensure that services are provided in a professional and timely manner.
  • To respect your dignity and autonomy.
  • To respect your personal values, culture, beliefs and religious convictions.
  • To ensure that our team makes every effort to provide services in the language of your choice, taking into account our resources.
  • To ensure that our team refrains from any verbal, physical, sexual or psychological harassment.
  • To ensure that our team avoids any situation where there might appear to be a conflict of interest.
  • To ensure that our team does not accept any rewards for services rendered.

You have the right:

  • To be accompanied by a person of your choice when receiving services.
  • To access your file, or the file of your child of minor age.
  • To file a formal complaint.

If you wish to access your file, or if you wish to file a complaint, please address your request in writing to:
Executive Director, Ometz
1 Cummings Square
Montreal, Quebec H3W 1M6

Your commitment to Ometz:

  • To be respectful, courteous and forthcoming with all pertinent information. 
  • To be actively involved in your service plan.
  • To respect appointments made, and if unable to attend, advise the person in advance with whom you are meeting.
  • To interact with professionals without expressing any discrimination or prejudice.
  • To refrain from any verbal, physical, sexual or psychological harassment of Ometz staff.
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