New and improved Volunteer webpages launched

It’s been scientifically proven that volunteering makes people happy. By connecting us to others, opening up career paths and bringing fun and fulfillment to our lives, volunteering is like chicken soup for the mind, body and soul. And nothing makes us happier than to launch a new series of webpages and videos to entice a new generation of volunteers to Ometz.

Ometz depends on its enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers. The testimonials in the videos are real Ometz volunteers whose lives have been enriched by volunteering in ways they had not expected, especially when they see their mentees achieve the goals they set together. The new webpages and videos have been designed to spread the idea and benefits of goodwill to prospective volunteers of all ages, who have different interests, strengths and abilities that can help children, youth and families navigate the sometimes bumpy terrain of life.

The new webpages and videos can be found at

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