Services for Schools

Enriching and improving school, family and community life

For over 20 years, Ometz has offered schools cutting-edge support services founded on evidence-based knowledge and best practices.

Ometz school counsellors bring expertise and resources on the culture and climate of school systems, child development, psychosocial development, family functioning and academic performance to more than 100 schools currently affiliated with this full-service program.

These services are grounded in three fundamental principles: family-school collaboration, strength-based practice, and the understanding of the “whole child.” This approach enhances protective factors for children, at home, at school and in their communities. 


Help children do their very best

Our teams of clinical supervisors and school counsellors strive to design and implement tailor-made responses to needs.

Our school counsellors, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and group workers collaborate with school staff so that students are encouraged and supported to do their very best.

This formula ensures your school will get comprehensive and state-of-the-art support programs that fit with your educational agenda.


Services and Supports for Pre-Schools

We are committed to enriching and improving all aspects of a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

By offering Ometz professional development to your pre-school educators and directors, you can enhance the expertise offered in your school or daycare.

Ometz offers specialized services and supports that emphasize school readiness and early intervention to help bring out the best in young children.

These supports include:


Services and Programs for Elementary and High Schools

Our multi-disciplinary, multilingual and multicultural teams include mental health professionals, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and group workers.

Anchored in each school by an on-site school counsellor, our teams of highly trained professionals offer their services in close collaboration with your school, with sensitivity to your particular culture and climate.

To enhance how each child functions and help each school become a protective factor for its students, our professionals address all aspects of emotional, social and academic development through the following services:


For schools:


For parents:


For teachers:


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