Message to our Friends

Dear Friends,

As we move into our fourth week of responding to the pandemic, we want to share a quick update on how Ometz is meeting the essential needs of the most vulnerable and isolated in our community.

While our staff have now pivoted to remote work, they are resolute in their commitment to ensuring that vital, essential services continue to be delivered throughout this crisis.

Efforts include:

  • Co-leading and staffing, the Community Helpline [514-734-1411], with our partner the Cummings Center. This community-wide response is available to the thousands who need information, services and help in this critical time.
    Regularly connecting by telephone, email, text and digital platforms with all Ometz clients to offer support and services ranging from check-ins to crisis intervention to planning for what’s next.

  • Managing the growing number of mental health issues related to sustained social isolation and economic insecurity such as stress, anxiety, depression and panic. This through clinical interventions via one on one virtual consultation and on-line group services.

  • Responding to the wave of job loss by helping people access all public benefit programs, and planning forward to help employees and employers be ready for recovery, by growing our digital training and workshop services.

  • Reaching out to recent immigrants who feel very isolated, cut-off from their families abroad and not yet established in their social and economic networks here.

  • Hosting on-line group programs such as our afterschool program to provide reassurance and continuity to children and their families as well as young adult programs and supports for our vulnerable youth.

  • Sustaining, thanks to our volunteer mentors, the critical relationships with hundreds of children, youth and young adults through this difficult time.

We are also working closely with our partners, such as Federation CJA and our community of friends, to ensure that Ometz continues to meet both immediate and emergent critical needs and that when recovery time comes, we will be in a strong position.

On behalf of the Ometz Board, staff, volunteers and the clients we serve, we thank you for your encouragement and continued support as we navigate through these uncharted waters.

While it won’t be a typical Passover, we wish you and your families a healthy Chag Pesach Sameach.

Stay safe and stay home.

Most Sincerely,

Michael Aronovici
President, Ometz

Dominique McCaughey
Chief Executive Officer, Ometz

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[email protected]

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