Speaking The Same Language

Taly Zisman
My first contact with Ometz was during the first month of my immigration to Canada in November 2012. My friends spoke about this agency and I thought it was a very good idea for me and my husband because we needed some help to find jobs and other things that could help us integrate in Canada better. We arrived at Ometz and we spoke with some people who were able to help us.
Ometz helped me in a lot of ways. For example, I took some courses and workshops at Ometz for career training, and I learned how to write a CV and practiced interview skills. Ometz also gave me the opportunity to travel to Quebec City and everyone on the trip was so friendly. We also did a little trip to Montreal and found many new places, like a synagogue. We also had a lot of questions about where to learn or how to register for language courses. In the summer of 2013, I took an English course at Ometz at the intermediate level that lasted one month. After this, I began speaking with Laura.
I want to talk about Laura a little bit because she helped me find a job. She was patient and attentive to my issues. She gave me a lot of ideas about how to find a job in a successful way. We had been in touch by phone and email. Laura called me and she asked me “how are you?”, and questioned what my future plans were, and she was very friendly. After this I spoke with Laura in person and she learned about my work experience and she gave me some ideas on how to find a job in Montreal because it’s difficult with two languages and it’s important to speak both of them. She encouraged me to take courses at Ometz that helped me find a job.
I think Ometz is very important. When we arrived from Israel it was the first organization to help us because they have a lot of experience for adapting immigrants in Montreal and they understand our problems and background. Also, they spoke our languages: Hebrew and sometimes Russian. All my friends that arrived from Israel have a lot of communication with Ometz. I know many people that found jobs with the help of Ometz.

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