You can count on Ometz


Three years ago when my family and I arrived in Montreal from Israel, we heard of Ometz from our neighbors who suggested we look into their services. We then became clients of Ometz and attended very valuable information sessions, where we got information about schools and healthcare and many other things. At these information sessions we were given contact numbers for physicians, and I was able to find a family doctor.
We became clients of Yael Soussana, and everything that I needed I would go to her. Recently I was having some issues enrolling my twelve year-old son in extracurricular activities, and Yael helped us find him a mentor and a tutor.

The first year we arrived here we also were involved in a summer camp with my eldest son. It was a very good program because it was both French and English. The French was especially useful since we are now living in Quebec.

Aside from the assistance with schools and healthcare, emotional support is important too. When you get to Yael’s office you know that every word you say is absorbed. The workers at Ometz pay very close attention to your needs, and your worries are never abandoned.

Additionally, we were put in touch with Laura Guershanik, one of Ometz’s employment officers. To find one's first employment in a new country is a challenge and demands a lot of emotional effort. However, from our first phone conversation with Laura, when she said "We will find you a job", I felt uplifted by her positivity and resilience. Her never-judgmental position, holistic approach, and personalized attitude to her clients are self-evident and constitute her "know-how".

I think Ometz is essential for the community. We’re lucky that there are lot of agencies in Montreal but what makes Ometz special is the Jewish environment. We participate in Hannukah activities and get involved during the holidays. We don’t want to lose our roots and our ties to the Jewish community.

The quality of Ometz services is also very important. The service is extremely client-oriented and everything is done really well. You can be open, you can rely on Ometz, and you can be sure that none of your worries will be lost.

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