Ometz offers a great variety of services


I first heard about Ometz a little over five years ago as I have several friends who work or have worked there. A close acquaintance of mine at Ometz brought a job position in HR to my attention, and I am now this company’s HR Director. Since then, I have recruited from Ometz and I have used their services for myself as well. I have been on both ends of Ometz services.
My job as human resources director requires me to hire entry-level personnel, and I have recruited candidates for positions in my company for the past five years as a HR Professional, and have always found excellent candidates from Ometz. I have attended their recruiting event that they have twice a year called Cocktails & Conversations, and I am always very impressed by the amount of effort that is put into the event and the interesting speakers they have. The candidates are very prepared when they go up to the podium to introduce themselves. They have a very short amount of time, just over one minute, to give a brief introduction about themselves and why they should be hired. It is always well done!
Ometz has a variety of great services. They can help out newcomers as well as local people find jobs. As the working world changes, I see Ometz developing more tailored services to better suit the market. I know they offer training and CV writing, and I know they have a lot of different services that people looking for jobs can take advantage of.
I really think Ometz is a great service to have. It helps out the Montreal community well, and I would love to see Ometz collaborating more with the community and the synagogues to further their outreach approach.

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