Ometz Made a Difference


I heard about Ometz before we came to Canada from Israel by people who were already in Montreal. They said the first thing we should do is go to Ometz and see how they could help us.
Ometz helped us a lot. They advised us about different questions we had, we attended info sessions, we met new people, made friends and found jobs. Going through the sessions helped make friends. We both participated in different workshops which helped us, especially with the job search. Just having somebody to turn to when you’re not sure about something is comforting when you come and you don’t know anybody. Even if you have friends they wouldn’t be able to answer all your questions all the time.
The fact that we’ve only been here for five months and we’re already working says a lot. When we first met with our case worker we came out with such a good feeling because she really gave us the feeling that she was going to help us, and it made us feel welcomed by the community.
I think Ometz is very important for the community and for myself as part of that community. I see myself in the future assisting others who might need my help. Even with this community being a big one, we can’t rely only on goodness and kindness alone. We need establishments like Ometz to make everything professional and easier. To have everything organized through Ometz makes a big difference. The people who work at Ometz work with their hearts and put a lot of effort in everything.
I really appreciate all the help that we’ve been given. We never thought we would get any help at all because it was our decision and our lives and we were prepared to go alone. Even though it’s a long journey there are really people who want to make us feel welcome and like we belong.

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