Finding My Place in the Working World

Amanda Lapkovsky
I always thought I would have a lifelong career working with children, but the more I did it, the less I enjoyed it. I hated the idea that one day I may start to resent the children, so I knew I needed to find a different career path.

My mother suggested I go to speak to Ometz (JEM at the time) to try to find some much needed guidance for my professional life.

The first counselor I met with was very nice and helped me build a strong CV. I found a job, but it didn’t last because I wasn’t happy. A couple years later, I went back to Ometz and met with Natalie for the first time. I truly felt she understood my personality and my passions. She was able to guide me towards the realization that I was meant to be in sales. I always thought that my outgoing personality could be a great asset for a position in sales, but Natalie made me realize that being in sales is so much more than making cold calls, and that I could truly be happy doing this type of work.
Besides all the workshops that Ometz offers, their counselors are the core of the program. Natalie went through dozens of job posts with me helping me figure out why I would work well at one position and why another job simply would not be a good fit. She helped prioritize my career needs and wants and determine aspects in which I could be lenient. She helped me focus on my strengths and learn to deal with my weaknesses. She was the career support system that I always needed and was not able to find elsewhere.
I hope I won’t have to use Ometz again for my professional life but I am very eager to recommend their support to others. Ometz has a great ability to help you figure out your place in the working world and to make sure you are fully prepared to excel.
Ometz is a great resource for the community because while everyone wants to be hard working and successful, some people have a harder time figuring out how accomplish their goals. I am thankful that Ometz gave me to tools and the guidance I needed to find a fulfilling career.

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