Why I Recommend Ometz

Cindy Mayberger
I originally came to Ometz to find a job. I met with Natalie Lang, an employment counselor, and she was fantastic. She detailed the job search process and showed me exactly how to help myself, including providing great tips for polishing my resume. She essentially facilitated everything.
There wasn’t one particular moment that stands out because the overall experience was a positive one. It just made me feel more secure in my job search knowing that I had someone I could depend on. I could call Natalie or email her and she always responded.
I also took French courses at Ometz in order to perfect my French. Mario, our teacher, is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He made everything about the class enjoyable - a truly wonderful academic experience. After taking the first class at Ometz I immediately signed up for a second one because I had enjoyed it that much. Mario’s curriculum was disciplined, focused and driven. He had a course outline, gave us homework, and constantly encouraged us. He made us want to be better students and to make him proud. His humor was just a bonus!
I recommend Ometz to everyone who I think would benefit from any of their services.

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