The Real Meaning of Dedication

Laura Assayag
As an International Business student at John Molson, you’re taught the great importance of networking. Knowing incredible people and really spreading the word that I was looking for a summer job enabled me to learn about Ometz and immediately want to become affiliated. However, it was only while working there did I truly get to learn the real meaning of dedication.
I was able to work in Employment Services and that meant supporting the employment specialists with various tasks. Whether it be writing up candidate profiles for clients, following up on jobs with employers, or writing job postings on the Ometz website, I was most proud of watching how everyone’s tasks and efforts came together to place people looking for employment. It was so amazing to see the excitement of the employment specialists when they had placed someone. They are so dedicated to their clients and feel this immense need to help, which is why I can honestly say that I have never worked with such selfless and hardworking people before my time at Ometz.
I learnt so much from the women I worked with and if I were to take just one lesson with me it would be to love the work you do and help people along the way. It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in, there’s always an opportunity to help and there are always people in need of it. For this reason exactly, Ometz will continue to thrive and offer help to those in need. I believe the future of the Jewish community is in great hands and my time at Ometz has really solidified this belief.

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