Vlad Egorov shares his story

Vlad Egorov
My internship at Ometz has been an incredible opportunity for me to grow professionally and to learn career planning and job search essentials needed to pursue my bigger goals. The skills I learned in every project I had been assigned to, proved to be a valued addition to my professional and academic achievements. Under the guidance of Katherine Korakakis from the ProMontreal Entrepreneurs program, I was able to develop many of my journalistic and entrepreneurial skills by running and participating in various projects, from writing assignments to project management. Lori Rubinger and Sharon Bishin from Ometz Training Services allowed me to expand my professional horizons by assigning me with teaching duties and research projects. Galina Kesserwan from Ometz Employment Services has guided me in every step of my CV development, which allowed me to build a competitive resume for potential employers.
Overall, all the skills I acquired helped me secure a 1st choice placement with every employer for which I interviewed for my academic co-op requirement. As a result, I am doing my first co-op stage in Communications at Pratt & Whitney Canada . Thank you to all my co-workers at Ometz for inspiring me and providing guidance in my personal and professional development.

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