Kyanna Terlier shares her story

Kyanna Terlier

I discovered Ometz about three years ago while studying at Dawson College. I was not familiar with Ometz, nor did I know anyone who worked there. All I had was this strong desire to begin volunteering and helping people in any way I could. When I came to Ometz for the first time I was introduced to Gerri Shaw from Ometz Volunteer Services, who immediately got me started with the Jr. MYP afterschool program. Jr MYP is an opportunity to tutor and mentor vulnerable students at the elementary level.

On my first day as a tutor and mentor, I was instantly impressed at how bright and clever these kids were. They were so friendly and fun, I liked them all right away. Everyone including the other mentors welcomed me with open arms, and this was when I truly knew that this was a special program and organization to be a part of.
After one semester of volunteering for Jr. MYP, I knew I did not want to stop. I applied to volunteer again, and spent the following semester tutoring and mentoring another great group of young students. I could not wait to spend time with these students on a weekly basis, being able to help them was the highlight of my day. They reminded me how great it was to be young and to have the whole world ahead of you.
Since my time volunteering for Jr. MYP, I have always spoken highly about Ometz and the people who work there. Everyone is extremely dedicated to what they do, and this has inspired me to work hard for everything I believe in. Now as a full-time student at Concordia University in Communications Studies, I am interning for the Ometz Marketing and Communications department, and there is no other place I would rather be.

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