Frédérique Roy shares her story

Frédérique Roy
A few years ago, I had left my last job as an educator, feeling burnt out and disillusioned by my experience working for a non-profit organization that seemed to have lost sight of its true mission. After taking some time to rest and recover, I was ready to begin my quest to find, not only meaningful work, but with a team that truly collaborated; where I might at last set down some roots.
I approached Ometz because I had heard good things about the agency, and a good friend of mine had found a job with the guidance of their employment department. I decided to offer my services as a volunteer, hoping to get to know the agency better, and I had the opportunity to meet with Carol Liverman from Ometz School Services. After listening to Carol’s enthusiastic description of the Junior MYP Program, and the research, planning and generous donations that make it possible, I was more than ready to give a few hours a week to helping elementary students with their homework. The program turned out to be so much more than a homework program, and I enjoyed playing games, doing yoga and sharing meals with the children receiving this service.
Summer came, and the Junior MYP Program ended until the fall. I started volunteering for the Ometz Employment Services, assisting an older gentleman who wanted to learn French to improve his chances of finding work. Then, one day, I received an unexpected and very welcome call from Joanne Baskin of Ometz School Services, asking if I’d like to have an interview for a School Worker position. This felt like a dream come true, and proved to be the beginning of an amazing and sometimes challenging odyssey. After three years, I still think I’ve only scrapped the surface of all that this organization does for the Jewish community and beyond.
As it turns out, though, this was not the end of my personal quest to set down some vocational roots. I am now the Student Services Coordinator for a private Jewish school, and while leaving Ometz was not an easy decision, the lines of communication have remained opened, and I continue to have the pleasure of collaborating with Ometz staff. When I first began my work with school children, I hoped I would somehow have all the skills and knowledge I needed to help children attain their full potential. I have since learned from the Ometz team that I don’t have to do this important work by myself; I am part of something greater, and every one of us has an important role to play in helping to shape young minds and prepare our children for everything that life has to offer.

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