Ometz helped our son with Small Steps

David Leitner
I heard about Ometz beforehand, but I wasn’t familiar with the Small Steps camp program. I believe my wife saw an ad in one of the local papers that intrigued her to make a phone call.
Small Steps was a great experience for my son. Past years, he wasn’t really happy at any of the other camps he was at. We always feared the summer time, the first day of camp, and what to expect from my son. There were days when, combined with high levels of anxiety, he just did not want to go to camp. The fact that he was happy at Small Steps was monumental for us. What was really good were all the added programs that the camp offered for him for his special needs. From speech to OT, we really killed two or three or even four birds with one stone at Small Steps. That’s why it was such a great experience for us.
It’s very important that the community continues to support Ometz and Small Steps. We definitely value Ometz for my son, not only from a basic general camp experience, but also from a growing, self-help experience. Small Steps is a really integral resource for making good use out of the summer months, and combining fun and important developmental skills for kids.
I hope we can continue sending our son to Small Steps, and I can’t wait to resign up.

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