Exploring Montreal Jewish History Guided Tour
Join Ometz and an expert local guide from the Museum of Jewish Montreal for an impressive interactive guided tour and explore the epicentre of Jewish life in Montreal from the turn of the 20th century until the 1950s, today's Plateau neighbourhood. Our visit uncovers the synagogues, schools, hospitals, and cultural organizations Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe established and that still leave a mark on Montreal society today. Immerse yourself in the Jewish stories held in the streets and buildings of this vibrant neighbourhood and see first-hand how this community worked, worshipped, and supported one another as they built new lives in Montreal. The tour runs for approximately 2 hours. Participate and have a chance to win an e-certificate (value of $36) at the Museum of Jewish Montreal for any public tours of your choice (virtual or in person) | Offered in French | *Registration is required | Adults (16+) $15* | Children(12-15)$10 | *Offered for newcomers: individuals who have arrived within the last five years and are registered with Ometz
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Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Category: Integration Activities
Cost: $ 15.00
Location: Field Trip
Contact: Kate Oursegova [email protected]
Phone: 514-342-0000 #3457
Fax: (514) 342-2371