Supported Employment Services


Helping people living with disabilities find and keep a job

Employment is a way for everyone to live an independent life.

Funded by Services Québec, our free Supported Employment Services helps individuals who may have a mental health diagnosis, learning disability, intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder with their employment needs.

Ometz understands that looking for work can be challenging

Our team understands the diverse needs of our clients and gives them tailored support for their specific situations. Ometz clients appreciate our expertise and support.

Our clients have found all kinds of jobs ranging from warehouse worker, office clerk and daycare assistant to graphic designer and software developer.

Ometz Supported Employment Services include:

Eligible candidates must:

What our clients say:

"Ometz has changed my life! I wake up every morning and feel good to go to work. My job has helped me stand on my own two feet.

For more information about Supported Employment Services or to discuss your eligibility and register, Contact Us



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