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Motivation for Job Search During COVID-19

This webinar looks at how to stay motivated while facing the challenges of job search during this pandemic year.

Ometz Roadmap Webinar Series

ID your skills

Identify your compelling qualities and your personal brand as a job seeker to set yourself apart as a candidate.

Bring clarity to your job search

Learn how to clarify and sustain a job search strategy that will bring you closer to the employment you seek.

Outreach with networking

Understand how personal outreach using LinkedIn, creating an engaging elevator pitch and scheduling informational interviews puts you in a better position to discover more job opportunities and possibilities.

Interview prep

All parts of the interview experience are explored, from the preparation, to articulating your personal value to answering questions more powerfully and with confidence.

General Job Search Webinars

How to pivot to a new job during Covid

During these unsettling times job seekers often have to PIVOT to find a new career direction. This webinar examines how to rethink, revise and rebrand your unique skillset, read and match job listings, understand what employers want, stabilize your positive energy and master a Zoom interview.

CV Writing

Research shows that on average, recruiters look at CVs for up to 6 seconds - at most! Learn how to polish your CV so that it will grab recruiters' attention.

Communication skills for success

Good communication skills are essential, and knowing how to communicate professionally will contribute to your success in the workplace and beyond.

Looking for a 2021 job search reboot ?

In 21 minutes, we will cover six key areas you can revisit to refresh and reinvigorate your job-seeking self.

The moderator is

Sharon Bishin,M.A. (EdTech)
Employability Trainer & Co-ordinator, Agence Ometz
[email protected] | 514-342-0000 #3329  

French for Job Seekers 45+

Are you interested in polishing your French skills for your job search? Our one-on-one mentorships will increase your fluency and boost your confidence – increasing your competitiveness and helping you land that new job! Please note that all sessions will be held virtually.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Ometz’s Employment team

Mock Interviews

with Interview Prep Coach/Employment Specialist, Jonathan Levey

Do you really know how you come across in an interview? Do you want to practice answering challenging questions? Practice a "mock interview", one-on-one, with an experienced and supportive Ometz Employment Specialist to become better prepared and more confident (Duration: 90 minutes).

Note: This session may be videotaped, as a valuable tool to provide you with constructive feedback.

LinkedIn Plus

with LinkedIn Coach/Employment Specialist, Jonathan Levey

Learn how to set up a more effective Profile and Work History section, as well as use LinkedIn tools and groups to find contacts, companies and jobs (Duration: 90 minutes).

Prerequisite: You must have at least a basic LinkedIn profile set up. You will also need your verified LinkedIn password.

Career Gateway

An online portal to help you take charge of your career through a step-by-step career planning process.

Online resume writing course

This online course is designed to give you the most up-to-date CV writing information in a simple step-by-step course.

Password protected; please contact your Employment Specialist.


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