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Ref: 99959799 Contact Request CV
Previous caregiving/companion experience. Known to have a very positive, caring and empathetic attitude. Possess car with valid driver's license. Fluent English.
Ref: 99960702 Contact Request CV
Bilingual professional with experience in Customer Service, Office Administration and Sales. Honest, reliable and strong multi-tasker
Ref: 99960252 Contact Request CV
Strong professional background in Marketing, Strategy, Digital, Media. Collaborative, able to work in English and French
Ref: 99960348 Contact Request CV
Experienced writer, reporter, media and communications specialist.
Ref: 99960294 Contact Request CV
Hardworking with a strong work ethic. Bilingual. Excellent communication, interpersonal, technical skills.
Ref: 99960276 Contact Request CV
Experience in help desk environments(internal and external users)with various hardware and software related issues.
Ref: 99960285 Contact Request CV
Results oriented professional with extensive experience working in social media and marketing. Excelling in strategic content creation, campaign management. influencer relations and data driven analysis. English only. Fully remote
Ref: 123927 Contact Request CV
Expert in business communications, operational management, marketing strategy, web analytics and software design. Ability to manage multi-disciplinary projects and to navigate complex challenges. Proficient in all Adobe Applications i.e. After Effects,Photoshop, Salesforce, Quick...

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Ref: 4718 Contact Request CV
Extensive experience with all aspects of Sales: identifying and qualifying prospects, cold-calling, networking, follow-up, negotiations and closing the sales. Known to be highly persuasive and able to listen to the needs of the client to build trust and rapport and to provide th...

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Ref: 99944368 Contact Request CV
Strong experience dealing with customers, handling operational tasks, inventory, social media, scheduling, etc. Collaborative with excellent communications skills. English and French
Ref: 99960239 Contact Request CV
Bilingual professional with strong communications, political and media relations, writing, coordinating and project management skills. Strategic thinker, multi tasker, adept critical thinker, strong technical skills.
Ref: 99960215 Contact Request CV
Strong software knowledge, technical skills. Bilingual. Stage experience. portfolio available
Ref: 99959890 Contact Request CV
Enthusiastic, critical thinking computer science graduate seeking to enter the field of software development.
Ref: 99918773 Contact Request CV
Strong professional experience within educational organizations. Programming, Strategic Planning, Development, Fundraising, Events, PR. Resourceful with excellent communication skills
Ref: 99959825 Contact Request CV
Account Management, Revenue Generation, Problem Solving Competitor Tracking, Customer Service, Communication
Ref: 99959680 Contact Request CV
Experience in retail fixture design, design for health and aging, public furniture, transit shelters and home decor.
Ref: 99959294 Contact Request CV
Strong experience in office operations including payroll, payables and various administrative functions. Fluent English, working knowledge of French
Ref: 99944823 Contact Request CV
2 years experience in marketing, promotions and content creation. Experience in writing, social media and keyword searches. Creative with a good sense of organization and priority management.
Ref: 99959538 Contact Request CV
Extensive experience in all areas of Facility/Building Management. Previous experience in all aspects of shipping and warehousing and mechanical assembly. Able to deal effectively with suppliers and sub-contractors (renovations, plumbing, electricity, and snow removal, etc.) ...

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Ref: 99959670 Contact Request CV
Influential, organized, and results-driven retail sales, merchandising, and e- commerce leader who values collaborative, strategic relationships to drive revenue generation/performance accountability, deliver shared goals, & maximize the customer experience. Proactive & analyt...

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Ref: 99959298 Contact Request CV
Specialized in global sourcing across diverse industries including all apparel, work and safety wear & accessories. Expertise encompasses: end-to-end purchasing, supply chain management, and operational optimization. Successful track record in sourcing, supplier negotiations, ...

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Ref: 99919596 Contact Request CV
International experience: consultant, entrepreneur, policy analyst, adult educator. Multidisciplinary expertise: public administration, QC & Canadian govts; data analysis; organizational transformation; energy, water, environment. Highly adaptable, strong interpersonal skills, co...

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Ref: 99959303 Contact Request CV
Bilingual professional with strong relationship building, negotiation, problem solving. Strong client relations, communication skills.
Ref: 127885 Contact Request CV
Extensive experience as administrative assistant, management and customer service. Strong knowledge of e-commerce, organizational and analytical aptitude, meticulous with keen attention to detail. Trilingual: English, French & Italian.
Ref: 99917896 Contact Request CV
Related internship experience in publishing. Strong writing, editing, proofreading, research, reports
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