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Ref: 99921732 Contact Request CV
Strong work ethic, excellent communication and problem solving skills. Qualified professional focused on business management, customer service and sales.
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Professional writer with extensive experience and proven track record in the field. Known to write engaging content that drives sales and generates loyal following. Specialties include editing, proofreading, copywriting, social media management, including: web content writing...

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Ref: 99924184 Contact Request CV
An accomplished Dietitian and wellness advisor with professional experience in operating a private practice and consulting business. Advocate of attaining healthy weight and sustainable wellness. Exceptional track record achieving positive health outcomes through results-or...

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Ref: 99930946 Contact Request CV
Client has strong problem solving skills, thinks outside the box, strong people skills.Great work ethic. MS office skills and CRM. Fluent English, basic French.
Ref: 118897 Contact Request CV
Exceptional interpersonal, communication, critical analysis, and organizational skills. Provides high level administrative and logistical support. Experience working in interdisciplinary teams with diverse stakeholders. Familiarity with University policies and procedures, Mine...

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Ref: 99915711 Contact Request CV
Extensive experience in Public Accounting, Corporate and Personal Taxation. Up-to-date, with latest standards in Financial Reporting, Assurance and other reporting. Possess strong ability to handle multiple tasks under pressure, with proven ability to grasp and resolve complex a...

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Ref: 99931377 Contact Request CV
Exceptionally empathetic, attentive and compassionate. Bilingual with 6 years experience working with Autistic Spectrum Disorder community, the homeless community and people with mental disorders, substance use dependencies, personality disorders.
Ref: 99944033 Contact Request CV
Hard-working professional with strong experience and a proven knowledge of brand management, client relations, and client relationship management. Aiming to leverage my skills to successfully fill the Social Media Branding, Marketing and planning role at your company.
Ref: 99944234 Contact Request CV
Successful, reliable and trustworthy professional with strong experience working with clients and management. Proven ability to grow dynamic relationships along with productivity and business. Bilingual
Ref: 99944094 Contact Request CV
Bringing creative talent and an eye for details to guide projects throughout their life cycle so that they exceed expectations. Developing client relations, communicating ideas and establishing successful strategies are several of the natural skills that have been nurtured during...

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Ref: 99943135 Contact Request CV
Experience as Senior university lecturer. Speaker, presenter, and workshop animator on numerous international conferences. Vice-chair of the Field Committee on Linguistics of Discourse for The International Committee of Slavists (ICS). Consultant in Fashion Business Communicati...

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Ref: 99943904 Contact Request CV
An international Medical Graduate specialized in gynecology and obstetrics with 10years of experience in the medical field, looking for a position in Healthcare Customer Service / Medial and Health Research. Fluent English ans Spanish, basic French.
Ref: 99929818 Contact Request CV
Experience in Office and Customer Service duties - Teaching English and Hebrew - Daycare Assistant. Energetic, positive - minded, organized. Work experience in Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, PowerPoint. Fluent English and Hebrew.
Ref: 99943132 Contact Request CV
Fully bilingual in English and French. Extensive experience in legal practice. Research and translation. Good listening skills and capacity for empathy. Ease at conveying information clearly. Analytical and reasoning skills Drafting of effective documents. Persuading, negotiat...

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Ref: 99924577 Contact Request CV
15 years of experience in industrial engineering. Highly organized, creative, hard working with the ability to set priorities. Technical skills: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, CATIA V5, SolidEdge, Word, Excel, Visual Basic, Access HTML, SQL. Bilingual in English and French....

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Ref: 99944084 Contact Request CV
Trilingual professional with 25 years of Customer Service experience. Strong ability for multi-tasking, prioritizing and managing time effectively. Strong technical skills.
Ref: 99944063 Contact Request CV
Bachelor of Commerce Business Management student with retail experience, seeking an office position related to business and marketing. Available 20 hours per week and full time in the summer. Bilingual
Ref: 99943611 Contact Request CV
? Managed inflow and outflow of warehouse inventory; ? Took note of damaged goods and communicated material issues to upper management. ? Archived sensitive legal documents and files; ? Ensured proper disposal of items that were no longer relevant to current court cases; ...

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Ref: 99943617 Contact Request CV
concept for body positive shop ? Saw opportunity in the market for mid size women ? Created concept of an inclusive body positive boutique ? Pitched said concept to a retail group ? Researched brands ? Oversaw build ? Executed purchase of inventory ? Hired and trained staf...

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Ref: 99943543 Contact Request CV
-donner des cours de musiques -travailler dans le domaine de la musique
Ref: 99930751 Contact Request CV
University student in Political Science. Experienced in international business.
Ref: 99920363 Contact Request CV
Market development strategist with 10 years experience developing professional relationships and new sales markets in various markets locally and overseas. Proven track record in planning and executing short and long term sales strategies to meet and exceed targets.
Ref: 130313 Contact Request CV
Fluently bilingual with excellent administrative and secretarial experience. Highly organized, client focused,strong technical skills
Ref: 99915027 Contact Request CV
Chef with over twenty years of extensive culinary, kitchen management and menu planning experience, driving innovation through culinary trends. Worked as a consultant for various renowned restaurants and chefs in both Israel and in Canada. A team-spirited leader who works hard a...

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