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Ref: 99943035 Contact Request CV
Solid experience carrying out Full cycle Credit Management and Accounts receivable. Also experienced in measuring department performance with appropriate metrics. Known for leadership and Public speaking skills. Trained new staff in all areas of Credit and Colletions, on an ongo...

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Ref: 99943024 Contact Request CV
Worked in close collaboration with account managers to ensure the best financing solutions were offered to the client based on the client?s current business situation. Evaluated customers credit profile for both their business and personal accounts and pitched their financing re...

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Ref: 99921969 Contact Request CV
Dynamic and confident personality, determined and articulate professional with human resources, sales and marketing, candidate and client relations, and administrative skills. Good communication, interpersonal and presentation skills. Highly organized, attention to details, enth...

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Ref: 115662 Contact Request CV
Previous experience setting up large-scale stages for big events: concerts, sporting, theatre. Ready to transfer people and negotiation skills to launch career in sales. Very ambitious, hardworking and persuasive. Possess the ability to listen to the needs fo the customer and...

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Ref: 106853 Contact Request CV
Bilingual performance driven and diligent customer service professional with solid hands-on experience implementing effective customer service and listening, while handling sales. Exceptional interpersonal, communication, negotiation, marketing and facilitation skills, as well as...

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Ref: 99925666 Contact Request CV
Results driven, and solution-based, customer service professional with over 12 years of hands-on experience communicating and identifying the needs of clients, recommending solutions and providing superior, qualitative customer support and follow-up. Ability to lead and motivat...

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Ref: 105943 Contact Request CV
Fluently bilingual with over 25 years of experience working in various warehouse environments in distribution, logistics, inventory, and warehouse management. Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office, EDI, Sage, ACCPAC, Apogee, and Alliance. Known for being highly organized...

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Ref: 99928831 Contact Request CV
Experience in Accounting and Bookkeeping as well as Payroll. Excellent customer service and administrative skills. High performer, demonstrated ability to work on tasks independently, as well as in a team environment Proactive and highly organized, focused on solving problems. Ma...

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Ref: 99932688 Contact Request CV
Entrepreneurial expertise in owner/operator businesses and working with small business to help them grow and become profitable / increase profitability. Management, accounting and financial consulting services to public, mid-sized and small businesses including review of accou...

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Ref: 7583 Contact Request CV
Proven track record in fast paced environments. Self motivated, team player. Operations and Logistics, Production forecasting and planning, Customer service and Sales support, Inventory Management, Transportation and Distribution.
Ref: 16156 Contact Request CV
Strong experience in traffic control and logistics. In depth foreign trade, regulations, crosstrade and import experience. Knowledge of banking, L/C's and custom practices. Organized and detail oriented.
Ref: 99942840 Contact Request CV
Trained in Results Based Management development for any applied research need. Equipped with skills for program planning and evaluation. Trained in qualitative data collection, coding, interpretation, etc. Driven by hard work, determination and strong work ethic.
Ref: 99942821 Contact Request CV
Strong organizational skills along with the ability to work effectively in stressful environments. Posseses exceptional team building and supervisory skills, as well as sensitivity and awareness to a variety of issues. Can work in French. Strong technical skills.
Ref: 99942823 Contact Request CV
Certified Maintenance Electrician with extensive knowledge of electrical legislation, codes and standards of practice Experienced in maintaining, testing electrical system and equipment in residential, commercial and industrial environments Specializations Repair and maint...

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Ref: 99932754 Contact Request CV
Proficient in all aspects of operations, logistics, import/export, manufacturing. Bilingual. Strong trouble shooting, problem solving and communication skills.
Ref: 99923508 Contact Request CV
Accomplished Office Administrator with a strong track record overseeing multi-faceted responsibilities. Proficient client relations, detail-oriented, highly organized and motivated. Computer proficient
Ref: 99929415 Contact Request CV
Extensive experience in many aspects of architectural design. Knowledge of AutoCAD 2019, Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Experienced in areas of residential, commercial, and industrial design. Able to carry out projects within budget, and within deadline. Kno...

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Ref: 99932132 Contact Request CV
Successful track record serving as Financial Analyst in both the non-profit, business and public sectors(ie. Synagogue, Loblaws, Treasury, etc.). Posses an integrated systems approach, coupled with innovative and creative business solutions, and data accuracy. Strong research, a...

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Ref: 7444 Contact Request CV
5 years of experience serving as an Israeli Police Officer on Rapid response team. 3 Years as Trainer fo Krav Maga self-defense tactics. 2 years serving the IDF Infantry Brigade. Previous experience working as an armed bodyguard, protecting high level governmental VIPs. High...

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Ref: 100972 Contact Request CV
Diplomacy and fostering relationships. Strong organizational and management. Computer proficient. Strong writing, editing, proof-reading, research, production.
Ref: 99932701 Contact Request CV
Human Resource professional with 10+ years of experience in recruitment, program implementation, compensation and benefits management and employee policies development.
Ref: 99932658 Contact Request CV
Instinctive problem-solver, logical thinker and quick learner. Dynamic and dedicated, highly organized, demonstrates creativity, initiative and good judgement.
Ref: 99932644 Contact Request CV
Proven record of managing and directing sales operations teams that consistently exceed goals and profit margins by delivering world-class customer service with efficiency.
Ref: 99931299 Contact Request CV
Ambitious and hard working upcoming Finance graduate who holds proven analytical, interpersonal and technical aptitude along with firm underpinning in finance and data analytics.
Ref: 99932135 Contact Request CV
Highly organized and resourceful. Adept with numerous business management software and platforms. Experience working with clients, handling administrative functions, cross functional coordination across various departments. English and Russian language skills.
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