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Revital & Shai
See how Ometz helped Revital find support to enable her son to thrive.

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See how Ometz provided Jared with the support he needed during a difficult period in his life.

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See how Ometz provided Natacha with the necessary guidance she needed to find a job and integrate community in Montreal after settling in Canada.

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See how Ometz inspired David in his search for becoming a positive influence in the community through the mentorship program.

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See how Ometz helped Leon hire the right employees to fit his workplace environment.

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Silvia & Linda
See how Ometz Supported Employment Services assisted Linda in her job search, and helped Silvia fulfill her hiring needs.

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See how Ometz supported Grace in her journey towards a more productive and meaningful life.

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Stephanie Trigonakis
As a student studying psychology, I was looking to find some experience in the field in order to evaluate if I am on the right path. While doing some research online, I discovered Ometz. After reading...

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Jennifer Braseliten
Before my first encounter with my student, I felt nervous and excited. Volunteering with a student was something that I’ve always wanted to do but I never had enough courage to actually follow throu...

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Emily Dermer
As a student who loves school and learning, I have always felt a desire to pass that onto others. This prompted me to get involved with Ometz a few years back, when I started working with a young girl...

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