Gail Small's Letter

I first walked into Jewish Family Services in 1997 and have never looked back or had second thoughts. It was the best career decision that I made.

Never did I think when I walked in here 23 years ago that I would spend so much time at one organization and that when I left it would be because I was retiring.

Leaving is daunting - Ometz is an amazing place - not only because of what we do but because of who does our important work.

Our greatest asset is our staff who truly embody the meaning of Ometz - which means courage in Hebrew. You continually show courage in advocating fiercely on behalf of our clients, in innovating, and in going the extra mile in providing impassioned, professional and transformative support.

I have also been surrounded by an incredibly talented and dedicated Board – who have always been just a telephone call away. I have learned from and been challenged by each one of you and consider myself fortunate to have worked so closely with such talent and smarts.

And then there are the number of donors, funders, volunteers and partners who time after time show how much they believe in what we do and trust us to get the job done.

As I look back I am struck by where we were 23 years ago and where we are today. Providing vital services in a number of arenas, Ometz acts as a lifeline to many in our community, giving them access to the tools and resources they need to reach their potential. I am confident we are well positioned to meet the challenges we will face in the years to come.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of one’s presence and making sure that impact lasts in one’s absence. You have all contributed to making Ometz the organization it is today.

I am confident that together you will take Ometz to the next level boldly and with passion.

Shalom ve l’hitra’ot – goodbye; we will definitely see each other again

Gail Small
Outgoing Chief Executive Officer, Ometz

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