Our Impact

Ometz is committed to finding meaningful ways to capture and report on the impact of our services on the lives of our clients. In 2015, we secured funding from the Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal allowing us to embark on a new multi-year partnership with the McGill Centre for Research on Children and Families. McGill’s role is to help us develop and implement a systematic and efficient approach to outcome measurement across the agency. Our goal is to track, understand, respond, adapt and, where possible, innovate.

We have also been working hard to broaden our reach, deepen our impact and create new initiatives to break the cycle of poverty and provide our children, youth and young adults—and their families—with more promising futures.

The following is a snapshot of our work:


  • 2,400 Students in elementary and high schools participated in classroom groups to enhance social skills and promote healthy relationships
  • 2,313 Children were screened for motor difficulties and speech disorders
  • 43 Montreal CPEs, elementary and high schools benefitted from on-site psycho-social support in order to promote academic success and peaceful schools

Children are among the most vulnerable members of our community and many of them face serious barriers to their success. Poverty, violence, mental illness, learning disabilities and the absence of positive role models make it nearly impossible for some to envision a brighter future. At Ometz, we want to ensure that every child has the best possible start in life. We know that early and quality intervention will have the most significant and long lasting impact; not only on them but on our community at large.

Here are more findings:

  • 550 Children from low-income families attended summer camp
  • 168 children from financially vulnerable families accessed individualized learning supports, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy and specialized tutoring



Youth and
Young Adults

  • 146 Youth and young adults received individualized support services
  • 35 Young adults participated in a specialized employment program for youth at risk
  • 20 Young adults living with high functioning autism spectrum disorder often coupled with mental health issues participated in a new pilot program
  • 110 Young adults were matched with mentors, who served as role models in their professional, personal and academic pursuits

Ometz offers support and guidance so that our youth and young adults grow up healthy and safe—and prepared to transition into adulthood successfully and with confidence. The youth and young adult team works with individuals ages 18-30 to identify their goals and areas for growth. Services include counselling, employment, social development, budgeting, health, housing and independent living.



  • 2,181 Newcomers enrolled with Ometz
  • 745 Participated in integration activities
  • Countries of origin: 15

Ometz Services for Newcomers help new arrivals to establish their lives in Montreal through a range of services, from integration activities to employment services. Successful integration of newcomers is often measured by language proficiency, employment and financial autonomy, ability to access public services, knowledge of community resources and social interaction.

Here are more findings:

  • 105 families have settled in Montreal since the launch of Initiative France Montreal in 2015
  • 290 new enquiries have been received from nationals from France, Switzerland and Belgium regarding the possibility of immigrating to Montreal
  • 374 newcomers attended our annual Hanukkah party

Job Seekers

  • 1,919 Job Seekers received one-on coaching and employment support from our employment specialists
  • 785 Clients found jobs or returned to school
  • Referrals to employers: 4,563

Ometz Employment Services provide job seekers with a range of services, from skills training to job search assistance. Our Services for Employers help them find qualified candidates with specialized skills. For entrepreneurs, we offer a range of business consulting services to help start or grow their business. The ultimate goal for these programs and the many services we offer is to help ease the path to full-time employment and encourage self-sufficiency.

Here are more findings:

  • 665 clients attended employability workshops including interview skills, computer training and resume writing
  • 563 clients participated in job search workshops
  • 763 mature workers were equipped with the necessary skills and tools to successfully re-enter or remain in the ever-changing job market


  • 67 New start-ups
  • 450 Jobs created
  • Combined approximate revenue of start-ups: $35 million

Now in its 16th year, ProMontreal Entrepreneurs (PME) is a social business model created to help young Jewish entrepreneurs build and strengthen their business roots in Montreal. The program provides guidance and support on how to launch a start-up, and helps established businesses through a mentorship program and coaching. Through the PME fund, aspiring entrepreneurs between the ages of 18-40 can access start-up capital of up to $50,000.

Here are more findings:

  • 148 Entrepreneurs received support to start or grow their businesses
  • 50 mentors currently work with  young entrepreneurs and help start-ups succeed by offering 1:1 guidance and advice



  • 264 Children and parents found support from the Donald Berman Interactive Family Play Therapy Program
  • 300 Parents took part in Parlour meetings to enhance their parenting skills
  • 1,000 Parents attended our public lecture series

Ometz Parenting Groups and Workshops provide a safe and confidential space for our clients to share and explore parenting strategies that will help them cope with various challenges, as well as connect with like-minded parents who want the best advice on how to raise their children. Our Family Counselling and Interactive Family Play Therapy offer unique opportunities for the whole family—children, parents and siblings—to be part of a process that promotes safety, healing and growth. Further, our public lecture series features engaging and insightful conversations with some of today’s top influencers and parenting experts. 



  • 2,675 Children and adults benefited from a financial safety net and our advocacy efforts on their behalf with public institutions
  • 877 Individuals and families benefitted from food security supports
  • 372 Clients benefitted from budget counselling to better manage their finances

According to the 2011 National Household Survey, 20% of the Montreal Jewish community lives below the poverty line. Relative to other Canadian cities, Montreal has the highest poverty rate of any major Jewish community in Canada and has a significantly higher level of poverty than the national average. Through our collection of community, employment, immigration, and school services, and in partnership with the Jewish community at large, Ometz is implementing programmatic responses to prevent poverty and mitigate its impacts. This means helping our vulnerable families—many of whom are chronically poor, high-risk families—become healthier and stronger, and where possible, more self-sufficient.


Mental Health

  • 199 Clients were assisted by Ometz Mental Health Support Services
  • 167 Clients were provided supportive counselling on a regular basis
  • 121 Clients have benefitted from support and education around independent living, and building or improving life skills
  • 98 Clients were helped to access necessary government benefits to which they were entitled including welfare, disability benefits and tax credits  

Ometz currently assists adults living with illnesses such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety disorder, many of whom live well below the poverty line. With an emphasis on fostering skills, self-sufficiency and hope, we have developed a range of programs and services to target the stigma attached to mental illness and to invest in the future of our clients and the mental health community at large. Through our Supported Employment Services, we help individuals who may have a mental health diagnosis with their employment needs in an effort to achieve their career goals. Our goal is to provide community-based services to this vulnerable and overlooked population—one that often falls between the cracks of our strained public health care system.

Here are more findings:

  • 153 Clients were admitted to our Supported Employment Services
  • 92 Clients found jobs or returned to school

For more information on our results, please refer to our annual report.