Our Impact


13,023 individuals benefited from Ometz services, programs and activities in 2020-2021.

371 virtual workshops, webinars, conferences and events organized by Ometz were attended by 1,931 people.



7,924 people received our support to improve their quality of life, reduce social isolation, achieve financial autonomy and develop a positive outlook of their future.

1,728 children and families benefited from material and financial assistance to meet essential needs and secure a decent standard of living.

367 individuals, couples and families used our counselling services to improve relationships, cope with crisis and develop confidence.


365 people living with mental health challenges, intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder received support to advance their quality of life, personal well-being and employment status.

52% of our Mental Health clients reached out for psychosocial support related to increased feelings of severe anxiety and/or depression during the first wave of the pandemic.

25% overall increase in interventions for clients of our Mental Health Support Services and a 53% increase in interventions for clients in our Counselling Services during this one-year period.



904 young adults aged 18 to 35 at risk of social and economic exclusion received support and guidance to set personal goals, improve their quality of life and maximize their potential.


1,138  job seekers used our services online to navigate the job market, update their skills, attend virtual workshops and find suitable employment opportunities.

274 people with mental health related disabilities received support navigating the job market, finding, securing and maintaining employment.

232 people participated in virtual workshops, trainings and peer support groups to learn techniques and gain confidence for successful job search.



835 newcomer families received information and support at every step of their immigration and integration to their new lives in Quebec.

434 adults and children learned more regarding their new home and connected with the community through our virtual integration activities.



177 virtual sessions of our Learning & Enrichment Afterschool Program (LEAP) provided mentoring, academic and emotional support to 60 youth.

1,775 children, parents and school personnel participated in discussions about relationships, sexuality, Internet safety, prevention of bullying, conflict resolution and resilience.

241 parents received support from their peers and child development specialists through our parenting groups.


150 people participated in the ABCs of starting a business – a series of free public and virtual workshops for aspiring entrepreneurs.

100 startups received business plan coaching, help with accessing financial resources and technical support through our accelerator program.


Our Annual Report showcases how Ometz helped over 13,000 people in our community find help and hope, thanks to your support.