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Meet the people behind the great programs and services offered at Ometz! Our colleague Cheryl Krukin-Rappaport discusses Ometz Professional Development for Pre-Schools, and how our team provides workshops for educators and directors that aim to enrich and improve all aspects of a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development.

What is your work position and how long have you been working at Ometz?

I have been working at Ometz for over 20 years. I began as a school counselor, and I am now working as a Clinical Supervisor in the Services for Schools department. In addition, I coordinate social services for pre-schools.

Can you describe the Professional Development workshops that are offered?

There are several workshops we offer for educators and directors, two of which are Anxiety and Today’s Parent. The Anxiety workshop focuses on helping educators learn strategies to act instead of react when a child’s anxiety is heightened. Today’s Parent focuses on new trends in parenting that impact educator/parent relationships, and how to learn effective strategies for moving towards positive cooperation.

We also offer presentations by our Speech and Language therapists and Occupational therapists for the educators in the pre-schools.

What can CPE educators and directors expect from Professional Development workshops?

We are committed to enriching and improving all aspects of a child’s emotional, social and cognitive development by offering Professional development workshops.

Our workshops will have an emphasis on early intervention to help bring out the very best in young children from birth to 5 years of age.

How will Ometz Services for Schools evolve in the future?

We are hoping to expand our workshops to educators and directors by doing outreach to non-affiliated daycares. We have provided many different types of interventions to members of the QAPPD (Quebec Association for Pre-school Professional Development).

We are trying to enhance the expertise and knowledge of educators in CPE’s and pre-schools and are hoping to develop collaborative relationships with others who work in the field of early childhood intervention.

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