French course Beginner / Intermediate level (A2/B1)
Our course will enable you to understand phrases and expressions used. You will be able to communicate on familiar and usual topics in short exchanges, read short texts and find information you are looking for. Oral communication and listening comprehension will take priority over writing skills| 8-week session | Mondays&Wednesdays 5pm - 7pm | Cost for individuals registered with Ometz: *$90 | Purchase of a workbook is mandatory | Summer 2021 session: July 12 - September 1 | Registration is required | *Information and registration: Kate Oursegova, 514.342.0000, ext. 3457 or at [email protected]
No date available
Time: 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Category: Language Courses
Cost: $ 140.00
Address: web, Ca
Location: Zoom
Contact: Kate Oursegova [email protected]
Phone: 514-342-0000 #3457
Fax: (514) 342-2371