Ometz Counselling Centre

Providing help for families, couples, youth and individuals

At the Ometz Counselling Centre, our family therapy program uses an approach called the Interactive Family Play Program, which is a unique combination of talk therapy and various art and drama play techniques.

The approach is unique because it actively engages parents and children in a safe and secure environment that encourages the exploration of difficult life experiences and stressors.

Our therapists are trained in diverse therapy specialties such as counselling, social work, marriage and family, and psychology.

The Ometz Counselling Centre works with families, youth and individuals  who may be experiencing difficulties in areas such as:

  • Death and Bereavement
  • Divorce
  • Abuse
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Parenting
  • Marital conflicts
  • Childhood behavioural disorders
  • Social-emotional Disorders

Note that all services are provided on a fee-for-service basis. 

Inclusive, multilingual and accessible

Counselling services are available in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew at our Montreal and West Island locations. They are offered to people of all faiths.

Counselling fees are reasonable and covered by many private insurance plans.


Our Team

At the Ometz Counselling Centre, our team is here to help you, your children, and your entire family develop strategies and solutions to improve your mental health and relationships.

Meet the team members below:

Felicia Kaufman, Ph.D., OPQ

Manager of the Counselling Department
Clinical Areas of specialization: Adults, adolescents, children, couples, families

Dr. Felicia Kaufman received her M.A. (1996) and her Ph.D. (2003) from McGill University, with a major in School and Applied Child Psychology. Dr. Kaufman then worked in the Youth Service Department at the Jewish General Hospital, where she supervised both M.A. and Ph.D. students as well as assessed families for appropriate interventions and treatment. Dr. Kaufman was also the Director of Counselling Services at a private high school and college in Montreal, overseeing a team of therapists and child care workers delivering psychosocial services to a student population with diverse needs. She has been managing the Counselling Department at Ometz over the past few years, supervising the team of therapists and students and coordinating the adult and family therapy programs. Dr. Kaufman has a private practice where she works with adolescents, young adults, and adults and specializes in anxiety, depression, addictions, autism spectrum disorders, divorce, and various forms of life stress.



Paula Merovitz, M.Ed., M.F.T.
Clinical member of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Québec (OTSTCFQ)
Clinical member of the American association of Marital and Family Therapy

Paula Merovitz received her M.Ed. from McGill University in 1988. She also received training in the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at the Allen Institute in 1992 and in the M.F.T Program at the Argyle Institute in 1995. She has 25 years of experience working as a therapist in the public sector (EAP coordinator at the Jewish General Hospital), in private practice, and, for the past 15 years, at Ometz.  She works with couples, parents, blended families, same sex partners, individuals, young adults and seniors on a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, life stage transitions, marriage preparation, divorce, aging, etc. She also has experience working with eating disorders and pain management. Paula’s approach is strength based and is tailored to the needs and objectives of the client.  The approaches which inform her work are Psychodynamic
Psychotherapy, MFT de l'Institut Argyle en 1995, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanism, and Solution Focused Therapy.


Zvi Nissan, M.A., OPQ

Creative Arts Therapy
Drama Therapist
Member of the Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and the National Association of Drama Therapy

Zvi completed his schooling in Israel where he obtained his degree is acting. Through his use of teaching drama, he experienced the powerful healing components inherent in performing. He began to lead drama groups and saw that youngsters and adults alike could use expressions of drama to promote personal health and growth. At this point, Zvi obtained a degree in education and completed a 3-year training program in drama therapy. He has worked in a variety of clinical settings including the Montreal Children’s Hospital, Herzliah Health Center and Israeli Education Centers and has private practices in both Israel and Canada. As part of his work with children, Zvi helps bridge the gaps between school perceptions of children and their inner world to provide a “safe place” to explore issues in a contained environment. His therapeutic work with adults focuses on the psyche and integrating a “collection of roles” that can live in harmony.


Daria Andrzejewska, M.A.

Member of the Ordre des travailleurs sociaux et des thérapeutes conjugaux et familiaux du Quebec (OTSTCFQ)
Member of the Association des arts-thérapeutes du Québec (AATQ)
Member of the Academy of Naturopaths & Naturotherapists of Canada (ANN)

Daria Andrzejewska received her M.A. in Art Therapy from Concordia University in 2012, and received a post-graduate certificate in Marital and Family Therapy from the Argyle Institute in 2015. She provides therapy for individuals, couples, families, children and adolescents, as well as art therapy. Daria strives in her work to enable individuals to reconnect with themselves and with their partners. She believes that trying to understand the perspective of the other is key to healthier relationships. Therapy is a great way to get to know yourself and to have difficult conversations in a safe manner. Being open and curious is Daria’s stance as it fosters awareness to emerge and desire to consider change to take place.



Colette Golden, B.Ed., Master Counselling

Psychology, CCC
Clinical Area of Specialization: Individual Adults

Colette Golden received her B.Ed. degree from McGill University.  After a career in teaching, she obtained a Master of Counselling Psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology.  For the last ten years, she has been working at the Ometz Counselling Centre. Colette works with adult clients seeking help in dealing with the distress associated with anxiety, depression and life changes such as a separation, a divorce, loss of employment or an unexpected need to find employment—perhaps for the first time. Grounded in a psychodynamic approach, she helps clients explore the influence of past events and circumstances which have shaped who they have become.  They examine how their emotions, thoughts and actions have evolved into habitual and automatic ways of being. Collaboratively, the client and therapist work toward turning insight into increased potential for a more fulfilling life.



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