Services for Youth and Young Adults

Ometz helps you face life on your own

When you’re young, finding the right path in life can be overwhelming.

Leaving a community, moving out on your own, and finding work are all big challenges that you may need help with.

Ometz Services for Youth and Young Adults can give you tools to face these challenges and become independent.

We provide a range of counselling, support and services to help you not only face your obstacles but also find joy in the life you build for yourself.

Ometz believes in you and helps you move forward 

The youth and young adult team works with you to identify your goals and areas for growth while supporting and guiding you along your path to reach these goals.

You can get help and supportive counselling in the areas of education, employment, social development, budgeting, health, housing or independent living.

We also provide advocacy services as well as groups, programs and resources to empower you to realize your full potential.  

All support is voluntary and confidential.

Our values of inclusivity

Ometz promotes the value of fostering inclusivity. We welcome and embrace everyone, without regard to race, religion, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or any other factor.

Ometz would like to stress that we are particularly open to people who identify as LGBTQ.

Ometz Services for Youth and Young Adults include:

General social services: Crisis intervention, support groups and case management.

Specialized support services: For young adults with high functioning autism spectrum disorder or mild intellectual challenges.

MYP (Maximize Youth Potential): A program that focuses on engaging and supporting adolescents and young adults in their academic success. This program is for you if you are experiencing behaviour or academic problems, come from a family living in poverty, or are coping with abuse, mental illness or other challenges. The goal is to help you overcome any obstacles in your life and ensure that you complete high school and enter post-secondary studies.

Destination Avenir Program:
A youth internship program for people ages 16 to 30 who have a limited education and employment history. Employability workshops and individualized coaching sessions help you access work internships and employment opportunities.

“Since meeting with my counsellor, my life has changed direction in a very good way. With Ometz, I was finally able to start the education I always wanted. I enrolled in school programs, tutoring programs, workshops and financial help. More than that, Ometz showed me that I am not alone. I can come with concerns. I can come for advice. I can be heard, cared for and appreciated. Here I feel at home.”

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