Family Counselling

Get help from a team who understands the complexities of family dynamics

 If you’re not sure where to turn when your family is struggling, Ometz Family Counselling can help you through its unique Interactive Family Therapy approach.

Our family counselling professionals provide emotional support and work with you to develop and implement an action plan to deal with your family’s particular obstacles.

The Ometz team also helps you access resources, services, and programs and coordinates between various professionals and systems.

The Ometz team is warm, friendly and non-judgmental

Our professionals will help your family develop your own set of goals and action plan to work on your relationships, communication patterns, and other life skills.

The Ometz Family Counselling team will help you adapt new parenting skills and strategies, especially if you’re trying to co-parent with your former partner or spouse.

Our therapists work with you to develop a relationship of trust and respect. They also give you tools to structure your life, establish positive communication patterns with your children, parenting partner, and other family members, and improve your family’s well-being.

Other benefits of our family counselling:

  • One-one-one time with a counsellor.
  • Access to Interactive Family Play Therapy to help children express their feelings and work through problems through art and drama.
  • Access to support groups, workshops and school-based services.
  • A network of helpful guidance from experienced professionals.

What our clients say:
“Overnight, our family went from donating to causes to needing help ourselves. I didn’t want to admit how desperate we were, but for the sake of my family, I resigned myself to knocking on the door of Ometz. My memories of that time are fuzzy, but I do remember their compassion, support and guidance. Our road has been hard, painful and uncertain, but thanks to Ometz, our story has a happy ending.”

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