Services for Children and Families

Helping you work towards a positive family relationship

Your family can face all kinds of issues as your children grow and develop.

You may need counselling to deal with communication problems, help to diffuse a crisis with your teenager, or therapy to address developmental issues in young children.

For vulnerable families on a low income, we also provide case management services to help your family manage your money, become more independent and access government services.

Ometz Services for Families include:

Crisis Services: Get help and support when the unexpected happens. Get a plan to address your immediate and short-term issue as well as long-term planning to help you move forward.

Up to Speed: an early intervention program for children who are late talkers. Parents and/or caregivers receive 10 sessions of one-on-one coaching with a certified speech-language pathologist.

Family Counselling: A fee-for-service to help you work on your relationships, communication and life skills. The goal is to help you develop new parenting strategies to improve your family’s well-being. 

Interactive Family Play Therapy: A space for families to explore problem solving strategies for issues like depression, stress and anxiety.

Parenting Groups and Workshops: Connect with other parents to get the information, tools and strategies you need to be the best parent you can be.

What you get from our family services:

  • Individual and group support
  • Social workers who immediately put you at ease
  • Solutions and resources for your problems
  • Professionals and a community of people who understand you

We’re here for you and will help you create a plan to become a stronger family and function to the best of your ability.
What our clients say:
“My child was struggling with controlling his hyperactivity, which led to explosions at home and outbursts at school. I decided to seek help at Ometz through the Donald Berman Interactive Family Play Therapy program. Through this form of psychotherapy, my child learned different techniques of self-control by playing different characters, and by making up stories that were similar to his struggles. Ometz helped me listen to what my child was saying, as opposed to me just telling him what to do. I am so thankful for this process and would recommend it to other parents going through a similar situation with their child.”

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