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Jennifer Braseliten
Before my first encounter with my student, I felt nervous and excited. Volunteering with a student was something that I’ve always wanted to do but I never had enough courage to actually follow throu...

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Emily Dermer
As a student who loves school and learning, I have always felt a desire to pass that onto others. This prompted me to get involved with Ometz a few years back, when I started working with a young girl...

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Kaitlyn Axelrod
When I first met James in October, he was a quiet, slightly nervous 7 year old. Although he wasn’t struggling academically, his confidence and motivation needed some work. We started by tackling ...

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Gwyn Beaver
Several months ago, I joined the ranks of parents who are searching for employment opportunities for their capable young adult children who happen to have an intellectual disability. My CLSC caseworke...

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Lindsay Waxman
It was a fall afternoon when Sam and I had our first session at Ometz. We sat across from each other, and the “too cool for school” attitude filled the room. He did not bring a backpack, pencil ca...

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Vlad Egorov
My internship at Ometz has been an incredible opportunity for me to grow professionally and to learn career planning and job search essentials needed to pursue my bigger goals. The skills I learned in...

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Frédérique Roy
A few years ago, I had left my last job as an educator, feeling burnt out and disillusioned by my experience working for a non-profit organization that seemed to have lost sight of its true mission. A...

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Kyanna Terlier
I discovered Ometz about three years ago while studying at Dawson College. I was not familiar with Ometz, nor did I know anyone who worked there. All I had was this strong desire to begin volunteering...

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Jenny Dubovina
We came here from the Ukraine in 2010 and found Ometz in 2011. I knew about Ometz’s services before because my sister was using them. Ometz and in particular, Galina Kesserwan, helped me a lot. Gal...

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Laura Assayag
As an International Business student at John Molson, you’re taught the great importance of networking. Knowing incredible people and really spreading the word that I was looking for a summer job ena...

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